"Faire quelque chose à l'arrache" - Definition, pronunciation in French

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"Faire quelque chose à l'arrache" - Definition, pronunciation in French

📖 Definition of the phrase "Doing something on the fly"

When we use the expression "Doing something on the fly" it means that we do it badly, in a hurry, without being very precise or rigorous. It is sloppy, not done with much seriousness.

🖼 Illustration of "doing something on the fly" in pictures

Woman who writes something on the fly

🗣 Pronunciation in French

🥳 Use in a close, familiar environment

"I did my homework on the way to school."

"I got a good grade on my exam, yet I really slogged through it."

"The retoucher sewed up the hole in my sweater in a rush, you can see bits of thread sticking out."

👩🏼‍💻 Use in a professional, formal environment

The phrase "doing something on the fly" should never be used in a professional setting as it is slang.

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