Don't say "visit someone" in French. It's a mistake.

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Don't say "visit someone" in French. It's a mistake.

Text of the video

Hello everyone.

Welcome to this new French lesson.

Today we are going to talk about a very common mistake that I see a lot in the comments or hear a lot from non-French speakers.

In French, you don't visit someone. I am visiting my best friend this weekend. He visited his parents for Christmas. No, in French, you visit a place but you don't visit someone.

Except for a few exceptions and we will see them at the end of this video. You can visit a museum, a country. I would like to visit Greece.

A city. I visited Rome last year. A monument, a house, an apartment for example. If you are looking to buy or rent. That's all right. You visit places. For a person, you have to say visit. I visited my father last weekend. I'm visiting my brothers tonight. I'm visiting my best friend. There are a few exceptions where you can visit people. If people are sick or in a difficult situation.

I visit the prisoners at Baumettes every Wednesday.

I visit sick children in the hospital. The doctor visits his patients in the hospital for example.

But you can also use the expression visit in both cases.

The video is over for today. It was a short video, but it was very important to emphasize the nuance because it is a very common mistake, even among people who speak French very well.

We visit a place but we visit someone. If you are new to the channel, don't forget to subscribe and activate the bell so you don't miss any of my videos.

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See you soon!

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