LEARN FRENCH IN 3 MINUTES - French idiom : There is no photo

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LEARN FRENCH IN 3 MINUTES - French idiom : There is no photo

In this video, I explain in a clear and concise way (in 2 minutes) the expression "il n'y a pas photo". These small expressions allow you to learn French in a quick and efficient way.

Transcript of the video

Hi everyone, let me know a comment if you are doing well.

I hope you are ready for a new video in this short format where we see an expression.

The expression we will see today is: there is no photo.

First, I'll explain what this expression means, give you a little background and explain where this expression comes from. What is the origin of the expression "there is no photo".

When we say that there is no photo, we mean that there is no debate.

It's very clear. We have a choice to make. It's very clear. There is no photo. We know what to do or what we prefer. It's very clear. There's no hesitation. Here are two contextualizations to explain it to you so that you can better understand the expression and use it yourself.

For example, if I am hesitating between two dresses, I will ask a friend. Do you prefer the blue dress or the red dress?

She can answer me. There is no photo. The red one suits you much better. There is no need to hesitate.

Here is a second context. For example, I can say that working for a multinational company or working in a small startup, there is no difference for me. I prefer working in a small family team.

There is no hesitation, it is very clear.

I don't know if you've heard, but when speaking, often, instead of saying there isn't, we'll say "there isn't".

It is a kind of contraction of the language, it is in the way of speaking.

We'll delete the first part, "there is", and we'll just keep "there is no photo".

So, of course, to speak correctly in the purest language, you have to say no contest. But most people in speech are going to say "no way."

But where does this expression come from? This expression, in fact it comes from horse racing.

In order not to make the bettors angry because they felt that their horse had to win, the race organizers paid photographers to show which horse came first.

Sometimes there was no debate at all, and they were very far away, the horses. So we would say there's no picture. That's where this expression comes from.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, please remember to give it a thumbs up.

And most importantly, subscribe to the channel. It helps me a lot. And above all, you won't miss any video.

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