"Beauf" - Definition, French pronunciation

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"Beauf" - Definition, French pronunciation

📖 Definition of "Beauf"

The word "beauf" has two meanings. It refers to someone's brother-in-law in a very colloquial language (c'est mon beauf = it's my brother-in-law), and it also refers to someone who is not very distinguished, who lacks class or good manners. It is a rather pejorative term, not to be used in front of anyone.

Note that this is a very subjective term, which depends on the person who will use it. For example, someone will be "redneck" in the eyes of one person, while he will be absolutely not in the eyes of another. In France, it can be quite frowned upon to refer to someone as a "beauf", it can make you look pretentious.

🖼 Illustration of "beauf" in picture

No but what a beauf, he kisses his biceps!
He's a redneck who loves camping

🗣 Pronunciation in French

🥳 Use in a close, familiar environment

"He's a real hunk, he spends his life in a weight room"

"What a hunk, he wears socks with his flip-flops"

"He's a big redneck, he devotes his life to tuning contests"

Again, the term "redneck" can show that you think you are superior to others, so think twice before using it.

👩🏼‍💻 Use in a professional, formal environment

It is a word not to be used in a professional context, except with work colleagues you are quite close to. But if you have any doubt, don't use it, it's probably not appropriate.

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