"Bouffer - La bouffe" - Definition, pronunciation in French

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"Bouffer - La bouffe" - Definition, pronunciation in French

📖 Definition of the word "la bouffe" - "chow down"

Chow is the slang word for food. We use the term "bouffer" to mean "to eat", it is a synonym. For example, we would say "I want to eat" as we would say "I want to eat".

🖼 Illustration of "chow" in picture

She eats a hamburger

🖼 "Food" Illustration


🗣 Pronunciation in French

🥳 Use of chow in a close, familiar environment

"I'm so hungry for food, is there anything in the fridge?"

"I ate too much, my stomach hurts a lot"

"There's too much food in this cupboard, I know where to start!"

👩🏼‍💻 Use in a professional, formal environment

The term "bouffer" can be used with close colleagues, with people you know well. We will suggest to our colleague to go and eat, but we will avoid saying it to our superior or to someone who is not too close.

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