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In this video, I explain in a clear and concise way (in less than 2 minutes) the expression "to put the hand to the paste.

If you have any questions about this phrase or would like me to explain more, feel free to say so in comments 🌈


Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Today, I'm offering you a new video format. Shorter videos with only one French expression that we will see in each video.

There will be some colloquial expressions and some more formal expressions depending on the video.

Before starting, remember to activate the subtitles to understand everything. Let's start right away, with a first expression.

Get your hands dirty.

The hand and the dough, it refers to the bread dough of the baker.

When we say that we help, it simply means that we help someone or many people to do something.

Generally, it's a pretty boring, tedious task. So when we get our hands dirty, we help.

I'll give you two contextualizations to help you better understand the phrase and, more importantly, so that you can use it too.

Here is a first example: the whole family got together to cook Christmas dinner. We all cooked together.

Here is a second context.

I'm all alone in cleaning the apartment. I would like my husband to help a little, to help me clean, at least to vacuum.

And that's it for this expression. I hope you liked it and that you understood it well. Feel free to comment on other expressions that you would like me to explain or put in context.

If you liked this video, remember to put a little blue thumb and above all, subscribe to the channel to not miss any expression in French.

See you soon.

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