1 hour REAL French conversations 🇫🇷 (with subtitles)

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1 hour REAL French conversations 🇫🇷 (with subtitles)


Hello everyone, I'm back today with Mathieu. We are going to do some dialogues together. We are going to discuss together today. I have prepared questions with about ten topics that we will discuss together. Mathieu does not know these topics so that we can have natural conversations, conversations like we have in everyday life.

I'll post key words or important phrases throughout the video, based on our discussions, based on what we're saying. If you need the full subtitles, feel free to enable them directly in YouTube.

Let's start right away with the first theme which is a very important theme when learning a language. It's the theme of introductions. So Mathieu, could you introduce yourself? I'm going to ask you some questions. Can you tell us your name? How old are you? Where are you from? If you have an accent.

So my name is Mathieu, I am 36 years old. I come from the South East of France, in a village near Marseille. And so I have an accent, an accent from the South of France.

Can you tell us a little about your career path? Can you tell us a little bit about your professional life?

So my professional life. So I started a business when I was 18 years old. That's how I got started in my professional life. After that, I started another company. Then I traveled around the world a bit. Then I was employed in a company in Paris, where I was marketing director and director of the company. And then... Well, with Elisabeth, I help you to do what you need on Hellofrench.

He helps me a lot, a lot. We don't see him on the screen very often, but it's true that he does a lot of work. And do you have any passions in life? Do you have any hobbies in your life?

Yes, I do a lot of sports, I do a lot of running. I've run several marathons and all that. And then I did a lot of weight training too. And then, apart from that, normal passions, watching movies, documentaries too. We like to watch documentaries together and that's it. And traveling too, traveling.

It's a good thing that you talk about travels because it leads us directly to the second theme which is travels. We're leaving very soon for our honeymoon, we're going to the United States and I was wondering if you could explain a little bit where we're going and especially tell me what... The visit or the city where you're most looking forward to do these visits or to go if it's a city.

Then we go to the United States. What we planned to do is a road trip, so we are going to arrive in San Francisco, we are going to take a car in San Francisco, we are going to stay a few days too, obviously in the city. From there, in fact, we will take the car, we will go to the park of Yosemite. We are going to stay a few days. Then, we leave towards Vegas to go to Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon also. After that, we are going to go down again to go to San Diego. San Diego same, we are going to stay some days. Then, we go up towards Los Angeles and then we make all the coast to return to San Francisco where we are going to leave the car that we rented before. And from San Francisco, we are going to take a plane to go to Chicago and to stay a few days in Chicago. That's it.

So the city... That is, the one I would like to do, the one I'm looking forward to the most. So I think it's San Diego because I've been to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. I really want to go back there because they're beautiful cities. There's a lot to do. A lot of things to see. It's very different from what we live in Europe. And then, San Diego, I don't know at all. So it will be a place to discover together.

Especially since we're going to a baseball game. Yeah. We're really looking forward to it because, in Europe, it's not really a sport we're used to seeing. After me, it's true that my brother used to play baseball, but it's not common, it's quite rare, so I think it's going to be really nice. The atmosphere is going to be... Well, we're going to discover this atmosphere.

And also in San Diego it's nice because we took an AirBnB in a... It's a bit of a caravan, a bungalow. So it's quite original, it's really nice. It looks really cute. It's true that I'm also really looking forward to going to San Diego.

And it was you who took care of all the reservations for the car. Wasn't that too complicated? Wasn't it too expensive?

Well, actually for the cars there are several options. Either you rent the car from a professional player. Like Hertz, like Avis, or something like that. Where it's quite expensive. Or there is the second option which is to go through platforms of putting in relation of private individual to private individual.

So there's Getaround and the one I took is called Turo. So "T" "U" "R" "O" where in fact, there are cars, it is more developed on the North American market I think this site. And there we took a car which is quite good, quite comfortable, a Subaru, because we are going to do a lot of driving and so I said to myself that I still want a car... Without taking an SUV which is gigantic, I still want a car which is quite big. First of all because I think it's safer. If we ever have an accident or something, I want to have something that's still... Solid enough. And also more comfortable because we will drive, I don't know how much... But maybe... I calculated, I think, around 3500 miles. So it's about 5000... Maybe even a little more than 5000 kilometers.

It's true that the United States, it's very extended there, we have... So we do this roadtrip on the West Coast. But then, as Mathieu said, we go to Chicago. And for example for us, going from San Francisco to Chicago, it's still the United States. It couldn't be that far, but in fact, it's 4 hours by plane, it's huge.

In Europe, to fly for 4 hours is really... You go out of Europe. If you leave from Paris, it's really far, 4 hours. So we didn't imagine that the distances were... well, if we see it on the map. But it's true that between seeing it and really realizing it in terms of hours by plane or hours by road, there is a difference.

And on food is there a type of food, or is there a type of restaurant that you really look forward to doing in the United States?

Yeah, actually, I really like eating hamburgers. So I had already heard a lot about it, I had tasted once, a fast food restaurant which is in the United States. I don't know if it's only in California, sorry not in California, if in California and I think also around Las Vegas, it's called In-N-Out.

I think they were really good burgers, I can't wait to try them again. Then after... no, here it is, just the food, let's say on the road. So not three star restaurants, not crazy stuff, but burgers, fries. And that's it.

I really look forward to breakfasts too. It's really my favorite meal. And every time, in the American series, in the movies, we see that they always go to the restaurants where there are pancakes, waffles, that looks super good where you can get a refill of coffee.

I'm really looking forward to eating that and also the Donuts. I love Donuts and it's true that in France, well, you can sometimes find them in supermarkets but not in all supermarkets. And they are not very elaborate Donuts. And it's quickly... Here it's precisely... If it's stores specialized in Donuts, well stores, it's going to be quickly, very very expensive. There aren't any everywhere, so it's less. There are far fewer Donuts in France than in the United States. There is not, for example... What is the name of this chain? Dunkin Donuts, it doesn't exist in France. There are other countries in Europe where they exist but in France, I don't think there are any. It's true that I would really like to eat Donuts.

Yeah, me too. Donuts are really, really good. Every day.

So now we're going to talk about another subject on a completely different topic. I wanted to know what were for you the three values to have as a human being and especially the three values that you would like to transmit to our children.

Ah! You can think a little. Yeah yeah...

So the three values... I feel like .... The values that matter most to me are loyalty. That is to say when you give your trust to someone, when someone gives me his trust, I don't betray it. So I think this is a value that is quite important for me.

After the second value, I will say, it is the determination. It's... there you are, you have an objective in mind, you give your best to reach it. That is to say you don't give up at the first difficulty or that.

And then after that, the third value is... The third value... Respect, I would say. I knew you were going to say that. Yeah, respect is important. Respect for the people around you, respect for the elderly. Respecting people is really important. When there's a queue, you get in line, you don't get overtaken, you don't overtake of course. We respect the environment in its sense, the environment, at the same time the environment, the people around, we don't disturb them, we don't shout. Well, we don't do that kind of thing. I know I was brought up with these... With these values. And what about you?

I would say... Tolerance is important. Before being... To accept... To accept people with their differences. Tolerance is really... I think it's important because there is also a part of kindness, of benevolence, of... Also a little... Taking care of each other.

I agree with you about determination. I think it's very important and it's a very good value to instill, to always surpass yourself, to not... If you fail, it's not a big deal, you bounce back and try again. That's really very important in life. It's a value that really allows you to move forward and it's very important. And what was the first value you said?

Ah loyalty!

And I'd say... You're the honest one, right?

Yeah, honesty is really important.

Because she didn't tell you anything but when she finds a bill on the floor, she doesn't pick up the money on the floor.

But that's not even honesty, it's that I'm afraid it will bring me bad luck if... In fact in French there's an expression called "bien mal acquis ne profite jamais".

And so, it means that if we... well, for example, if we steal in a store or if we take something that was not, that was not ours, that was not intended for us, bad things will happen to us, a bit of karma. And it's true that if I see money on the ground, I say to myself that it doesn't belong to me and especially that someone surely needs it more than me. So it's true that twice I saw a 50 € bill on the ground and I didn't take it.

I mean, one time I gave it to someone and another time I held it up and asked whose it was and of course two seconds later someone told me it was his. Well, I don't know if it's true, but then it's his conscience and once a 20.

On that we are a little different. I mean, I'm not going to... Obviously, I don't steal. But it's true that if I find a bill on the ground, I take it and I leave. Except if I see a bill falling out of a pocket, I'll pick it up and return it. But if there's a bill lying around, I'll pick it up and put it in my pocket.

Now we'll move on to the next topic. We've talked a little about your professional life but we haven't talked about your studies. You studied marketing, a business school. And if today you had to go back to school, if I tell you you can't work anymore, you have to go back to school. Would you do that again or would you do something else? Oh yeah... If today, now they tell you you have to go back to school.

Oh yeah, that's a good question. In fact, I think that if I had to go back to school, if I had to go to school, I think I would love to go to law school, to be, I don't know, a lawyer or to try to defend people a little bit, to find loopholes in the law, all that.

Like Saul Goodman.

Like Saul, that's right, like Saul Goodman. I think that would be it. Or maybe some studies, let's say more computer science. Doing code and all that. But the problem with these studies is that they require a high level of mathematics. And it's true that in mathematics I'm not really... I'm not very good. So in my opinion I would go more towards law and be a lawyer. I don't know what type of law because there are several types of law but I would say... I would have to dig deeper. But in any case, yeah, the law is something that interests me. What about you?

Well, frankly, I loved the studies I did. I went to a school of communication and journalism, but very practical. We had a lot of photo courses, radio courses, television courses where we filmed, did newscasts, things like that. And really, I really loved studying it.

And then I loved the jobs that it led me to, either more journalism or more communication and marketing. So frankly I feel like I would do the same thing again. In any case I have no regrets about the studies I did.

Often when you choose your studies at 18, you don't know very well, so you either listen to your parents' advice. It's difficult, I think, to be sure that you really know... At 18, in reality, you have to choose the job you're going to do for the rest of your life. But I think I was not too wrong. I hesitated a lot when I chose. There were other jobs that interested me a lot.

But... Then you also met some very important people in your life during these studies.

Who's that? Well, all your friends.

Yes, not me.

I didn't understand the implication.

Well yes, you met a lot of friends.

It's always like that during the studies. You meet a lot of people who afterwards are... Remain friends and are very important in your daily life. So the next topic I'd like to discuss with you is I think you'll like it.

My question is what's the best advice we've given? Or that you've had. Ah! It could be an anecdote, it could be something to someone. It could just be a phrase that stood out for you or it could be... Well yes, something that someone did for you and that was a bit decisive in your life for example.

So and I'm not doing this at all because it's a video with Elizabeth but, one of her best... That's right! One of her best pieces of advice, the best that, right now, frankly that helps me.

Because actually it's hard, because there's advice that I would have been given before, that was very good at the time. And now maybe they resonate a little bit less with me. But there is a good advice that you gave me. In fact it's the story of the little horse. And there, you can find it in the little notebook that Elisabeth made.

In fact, it's the story of the little horse. So it's... I don't know the whole story, but to summarize it, it's in a village or an old village, well in the old days... Do you want me to tell it?

Yeah, go ahead and tell it. No... But maybe explain the moral.

So in fact it's an old man who lives with his son and... they have a horse and the horse escapes. That's all they have. One horse, that's their... All their wealth is this horse.

And in fact, well, the neighbor says to him "Ah, damn, you're out of luck, your horse is gone". And then the man answers him "luck or bad luck, we'll see. We don't know yet". And then finally, in fact, it turns out that this horse which left, in fact it returns, it made full of friends on the road and it returns with full of other horses.

Yeah he comes back with a dozen wild horses that he actually lured.

And then the old man and his son. They have plenty of horses and potentially more wealth.

They have become the richest in the village.

That's it, the richest people in the village. And then something else happens. In short, afterwards, something happens... Something bad happens again. And there, like he says luck or bad luck, it bounces back well. So that's it, the whole story is that, something happens. Then at the beginning, one could believe that it is something bad, a bad news.

Or something good. Or something good. And then eventually, it turns around. And so, the whole moral of the story is that... in fact, you can't just stay with what's happening today. We must try to think if something is happening. Maybe tomorrow, finally, this something can turn into good news. So it means that you must never lose hope and it is not on dramatize or not, to be too sad when something happens.

Yes, it is to put into perspective the misfortunes that can happen to you or the difficulties of life. For example, if your car is broken, you will arrive late at work. But maybe on the bus, you will meet the woman of your life or the man of your life. All this to say that, in fact, you have to see the whole picture and not just a small piece of it.

So that's a tip you gave me that I use a lot.

It's true that it's a good philosophy of life that we like a lot. A friend of mine told me about it, it had marked me and I had told it to a friend who was doing her job. And it really put things into perspective. She said yes, in fact, it's not so bad. Something better happened to me afterwards.

Well, excuse me, I'm just a little bit hot. It's hot and I'm hot so I'm sweating. And this is the advice that was most useful to you?

Well, one day you said something to me, but we're going to think it's because we're both, but it's true that you said a sentence to me. It really made an impression on me, I think about it often, and I often say it to people who are hesitating to leave their job to live from their passion or to do something different. You told me... I'm trying to find the exact phrase, but that while you weren't building your own dreams, you were building the dreams of others.

And it's true that when you're an employee, that's what happens. We participate in building someone else's project, in realizing his dreams, and not... While this time is very precious, and we could spend it on our own projects, our own dreams. I was impressed when you told me that, what is the sentence exactly?

I think that was it. It was the time that you don't spend following your dreams, in fact, you spend it following your boss's dream. But then, it's true that... Yeah, I've never been a fan of salaried work because it's in my temperament. But on the other hand, I know that there are many people who are salaried, who are very, very happy. It's something that suits them too. They do a job that is fulfilling, all that.

And I gave this advice to Elisabeth because it was during a period when she didn't really feel like she was doing anything, and so in this case, this particular case, I felt that it was true. But then, obviously.

Yes, it's not for everyone.

There is room for everyone. There is not one way that is perfect and the others that are...

Yes, that's why it's a piece of advice that we... Well, the question was a piece of advice that we gave to you. To me in this case. But in any case, in my case, it was very good advice. It's true that it was the driving force behind many things.

And from Hellofrench...

So let's move on to another theme. We're going to talk about history, a little time travel. If you could spend a week... In any era...


What would you choose? It could be... It could be. A time when you were already born, but you would live the week at the age you are now. It's not reliving memories. It's getting into a time machine and choosing to live a week in another time.

So... A week in another time. It's a complicated question.

In fact, it's complicated because we can sometimes have a tendency to... how to say..., to overvalue certain periods. To say to ourselves, we will say... In the time of the kings, it was great all that. But in reality, I, as I am now, at that time, maybe I would have worked in the fields and suffered a lot. So I'm not going to take that period.

And you can also choose in which area of the world.

In fact, I would like to... I know there was a time that I really liked. It was when I discovered what the Internet was. In fact, I grew up when the Internet arrived and I thought it was completely crazy and I immediately immersed myself in it.

But then I'd love to go back to the United States when Steve Jobs started Apple. There was a lot of excitement around computers and all that. To really see that start-up, that's something that would interest me a lot. I would love to see that.

And then that's what... I think I would love to go back to that time in the United States. So in the years I would say... 70s - 75s around the.

Oh yeah, was it that long ago?

Well, I think so.

Maybe I'm wrong... No I think that's it.

Yes, it's the computers there was no internet... Yeah. What about you?

Well, I had almost the same answer as three years ago, but earlier, it was more like the beginning of the... in the middle of the 80s, beginning of the 90s. Also, for the same reason, I didn't realize how big the Internet was going to be, all these new technologies, the cell phones. When I remember the first cell phones we had, the first computers, we had Encarta software, I know if you had that, it was a kind of software with encyclopedias....

Things like that, the first video games. It's true that I didn't realize how big it was going to be, and it's true that it would be fun to see the beginnings again, like... And above all, to be able to compare everything that can be done nowadays. And at the time, it seemed normal and already extraordinary.

A little compare, how it evolved. I would have said that. And if not... And also because I like a little bit the... When I see pictures, I like the style of the clothes, I think it was... I like the state of mind of that time, the music of that time, and I think it's... Well, it fits me.

And if not, maybe I would have said... Maybe in the 20's and 30's, like in the movie Midnight in Paris, it's quite an exciting time. There were going to be a lot of things going on. Well, there are parties...

It sounds impressive, to see a little bit of that era and especially to be able to feel a little bit the atmosphere. So now we're going to talk a little bit about reading. What is the last book you read and can you explain a little bit?

So really, it's not a book... It's not a novel or anything. It was a book about running. So it was a book that, in fact, allowed you to make your plans to train correctly without getting injured, to progress in the long term. It's an American author called, I think, Jack Daniel's, who has a formula for the marathon.

It's true that you can believe it's the whiskey guy. It's really... I think it's Jack Daniel's the name. That's really it. And it's really interesting because he's a great coach and he's trained a lot of athletes and he gives a lot of advice on how to improve in the long run. It's... it's a sports book that I read.

And then, as a novel or whatever... It's a book... Yes, it's a book. You're right.

What about you?

The last book I read was called "La mythomane du Bataclan".

It's a very gripping book and really very interesting. And it's actually an investigation, but it's real, it's real facts. It's actually... I think you must have heard about the attacks that there were in Paris on November 13, 2015. And there were attacks in bars or in restaurants.

But there was also an attack in a concert hall called "Le Bataclan". And following that, there was a fund to compensate the victims and associations were created so that the victims could meet and discuss.

And in fact there are several, but this book is about a lady who in fact lied. So in fact, she said that one of her friends was at the Bataclan and in fact created a whole story around that and also for the State. She said she was a victim... And we follow the path of this woman. And mythomaniac in fact in French, it's a disease, it's people who can't stop lying but who actually believe their lies.

And so, we see a little bit of this woman's journey. It's a journalist who investigated and it's really very very very interesting and we see until she is actually, revealed as a liar. So we follow her journey, how she made up the lies, how she does and... Really it was super interesting. It was very interesting. It's true that it always takes me a little while to read the books. I forget that I started a book, I start another one, but here, in three days, I was finished. It was really, really a book that I recommend. Really!

I'm going to read it too. I have to read it because it looks really good.

Yeah, it's really good.

So it's kind of a theme like... Pretty close to values. But it's more about qualities. What do you think is your greatest quality?

I would say that my greatest quality is empathy. I can really put myself in people's shoes. In general, I can understand them. So I can give them good advice... Well, good advice, I hope it's good!

Giving advice. That's something I think... I think that's a quality for me. Sometimes it can get in the way. So it can... how can I say... It can get into my own emotions because to the extent that I understand people well, sometimes it can impact me what.

And so, that can be negative for me. But otherwise, I find that being able to put yourself in people's shoes is a good quality that also resonates with what I was saying before about the respect we give to others. Because I know that, let's say I'm in the train, I'll understand that the people around me might not want to be disturbed. So I'm careful.

So I think that's my quality. At one point I was working... I said I was working, I was employed in a company and I had to manage people. And as a result, this quality was really, really useful because it allowed me to understand when someone had a difficulty, when someone had a blockage, when they felt they were experiencing an injustice. And so it was very useful for me to help him to the best of my ability.

Here you go. What about you? I would say it's my determination. It's true that I often go ahead without... It's not a big deal if a few things don't work out. I continue, I move forward, I ask myself questions, but I don't stop on little details.

I'm quite efficient, I think, in what I do. After that, it's more of a useful quality... Oh no, it's useful at work, but even in life, because in general, when you're determined, you're still quite... Quite positive, I think, about things that can happen to you. So that's it. It's not a big deal. We're moving forward and it kind of ties in with the philosophy of the story of the little horse that you told. I'll say that frankly.

Yes I see it, I know I see it because... If only you see it on the channel. Determined what! She will post a lot of videos, she will write a lot. She made the little notebook. It took her a lot of time.

And at the same time, it didn't stop him from continuing to make lots of videos. So... Great determination. On the professional side, and also a bit personal, yes. When you have something on your mind, you can't take it away.

After that it can also be a defect if it is too much but...

No but it's the middle ground, it's the middle ground.

And your biggest flaw? Well, I would say my biggest flaw is that sometimes I will overreact emotionally and I will be impatient. I'll be a little impulsive... Yeah I'll be impulsive. So afterwards, people sometimes say that people from the South are a little more impulsive, more nervous.

So it's true that sometimes yeah I'll be impulsive and that's never good. In general, when you make a decision about something, they say you should never make it on emotion. It's better to let a night pass. They say that night is the best time. And that's really important.

Sometimes I tend to get angry quickly, to make decisions on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the moment, and it's very rare that they are big decisions. So yeah I would say that's my biggest flaw. And you, your biggest flaw?

Your hunger perhaps?

In fact, when she doesn't eat... It's not really a defect!

When you don't eat, you become...

It's true that when I don't eat, I go completely crazy. I have a really hard time managing my emotions when I don't eat. It's true that more and more I try to always have some food in my bag.

It's true that I have a hard time... I can't manage my emotions, it's true, when I haven't eaten. But it's not an intrinsic defect. It's not a flaw in me... Flaw is more... Well I think sometimes I'm a little bit too... I'm... I don't want to create conflicts. And I try to be as diplomatic as possible. Well, that can be a quality, but it can also be a... a flaw when it's too much, I think.

Because it's not good to not say... To not say exactly what our needs are or what we really think. To all the time, try that... Yeah, I think that can be a flaw if you know what I mean...

If we don't assert ourselves enough? That we don't say no enough?

In any case, for... Well, for myself it's a defect because if I don't assert myself enough, if I don't say exactly what I don't like, or what I don't like, then I'll take it, I'll keep my frustrations, and then I'll explode.

Yeah, it's like a pressure cooker. That's it. You take everything and then suddenly... And then I can't... I can't handle it... I get super nervous. Yeah, I would say that's what it is. What would you have said ?

Yeah, I'll... Yeah, I'll say that and then... I know what you'll say...

No no no, you can't know... Why? I don't know...

That I'm making a bit of a mess... No, no... It's better, really, it's fine...

You can't see it, but she leaves tea cups everywhere. But it's cute, so it's okay. No, but yes, no, but it's true, yes, I confirm what you say. Sometimes you're a bit afraid to disturb or I don't know... Yes, to ask questions, really yes, to assert what you need or what you want.

Yeah I'm not assertive enough.

But then, on the other hand, it's still... You do it! On the one hand, even if it's a defect you have. I have the impression that you force yourself a little bit and you manage to get past it. Yes, yes, yes. You manage to do it anyway.

So we're going to talk about the weather. Okay. Well, more like seasons. What's your favorite season of the year? And why?

So... I would say... I hesitate between spring and fall. First of all, I don't like winter because here, we are in Paris, it rains all the time, well it's... It's not good, really? Besides, I come from the South of France, where it doesn't rain much. So it's true that, frankly, that's it.

Then there are the Christmas decorations in winter. Yes, but it lasts a little while compared to... In fact, I would say afterwards in the summer it's way too hot and I can't stand the heat. That's something that doesn't work either. So I like autumn.

Because in fact, in autumn, what I like is already the temperature, the climate. And it's also the colors on the trees. The brown, in fact, I find it very pretty. And then, it's true, Christmas is coming, it's an atmosphere I like. So, for me, it's autumn.

What else is there in the fall?

And in autumn there is Elisabeth's birthday. And so, actually, that's why fall is my favorite season. So forget everything I said before, it's because it's Elizabeth's birthday.

Then... You, unfortunately, are not lucky because my opponent is.


It's not on a very good season what...

Yes it's winter, you.

So what's your favorite season? You know it. Well, I do, but we need to talk.

Well, it's summer for me. It's summer. In fact, I hate being cold, I really hate it. I mean, even in summer, I'm often cold.

Even in summer, she puts on little ones, plaids and all...

I'm afraid of being hungry and I'm afraid of being cold. So often I go out with a jacket and it's actually 30 degrees so I'm really hot.

But yeah, it's true that in the spring it's too cold for me. Autumn, it's okay because in the beginning of autumn, it's still a good one. Winter it's too cold, it rains.

As Mathieu said in Paris. Even in Belgium it's cold! And in fact, I think that summer is really the best season because... there are already two months of vacations, when you are smaller.

Yes, that's right.

It's a bit of a yes. The season, we're going on vacation, the travel season, everybody's having drinks on the patio. We can eat at the park, we can have picnics. In fact I find there's so much more to do in the summer than in other seasons. You can go to the beach, so if you want to go to the movies in the summer, you can go to the movies in the summer.

But anyway, you can do all the activities in the world in summer, except skiing. As I told you, I hate the cold, you can imagine that I don't do any activity related to snow or cold. So really for me summer is the best season.

I'm super happy... Already, for example, in winter, I almost never go to a nightclub because in Paris, you arrive, you have a coat, you have to go to the dressing room. You must not lose the number of the dressing room. It's quite complex logistics. It's a huge logistics!

Whereas in the summer, you go out as you are, you don't have to worry about it. It seems so much simpler to me. I really think that in summer, there is... People are happy because there is sun, I think it really puts people in a good mood. And I am very happy, we got married in summer, the weather was very nice. It was... It was the end of June. So in France, it's one of the longest days of the year. And it's really nice when it's light in the evening, whereas in winter or even in autumn, when it's dark at 6 pm here, I think it's... It depresses me a bit.

Yeah, I understand. It's true that it's depressing not to have sun. In the long run it's not cool. Yeah it's... well in the long run... Yes.

You see when you have no sun. Yes, during...

And for two weeks you always have the clouds and always the gray sky. You don't have that blue sky with the sun beating down on your skin. I think it's depressing.

Yes, it feels good to feel the sun on you. And it's true that I did an Erasmus in Italy in Rome and in fact, even in winter, there was still sun, it was still nice. We used to dry the laundry on our balcony.

And when I came back to Brussels afterwards, in fact, I didn't understand, I was annoyed all the time, I was annoyed, I was annoyed very very quickly. But in fact, I understood that it was the lack of light, the lack of sun. Really that... I find that the sun has a power of good mood on people, but really.

Yeah yeah that's right, I agree.

Are you convinced? Do you change your favorite season?

No. In autumn, there is also sunshine and... and your birthday!

So the next question is going to be about technology. There will be two questions. Okay. First question is what is the application you use the most on your phone?

The application I use the most I would say is Twitter I think.

Oh yeah Twitter?

Yeah, I think it's Twitter because I actually get a little bit of information from that. I mean I subscribe to the right accounts. I follow a little bit the media, I follow a little bit people who... Journalists, all that. And so it's true that when I have a little bit of a break, when I have nothing to do, I have the reflex, the bad reflex, to take the phone and go like this, to scroll and refresh my Twitter feed. And so, yeah, I think I spend a lot of time on that, a lot of time on Twitter, it's the number one application.

Do you also tweet or read?

No. Do you ever tweet?

No, I don't tweet. I just read, I look. Sometimes I put a little like or something. But I never tweet. I don't say anything... I tell myself that I have something really interesting to say on the network. So I might as well let people who have something to say do it.

I like to tweet when we watch a show on TV. A show that is on live and watch what people say about it. For example Top Chef, which is a cooking show in France, I think it exists in other countries too.

It's true that we like to check out the jokes that people make on Twitter. For example, if there is an event that makes us laugh. We say to ourselves what people are going to say on Twitter, it's true that we like to go and look.

Yeah we like to do that. We look at the "memes", that is to say the images with texts and a photo a little funny. When there are TV shows. Once we were watching Peking Express. Peking Express I don't know if it exists in your country, but it is in fact a show where teams cross a country by hitchhiking with less than 1 $ per day and per person.

And so I don't know, there was a candidate who was making jokes and so we were looking on Twitter to see the montages that there were in relation to that and that made us laugh a lot.

And also, for example, if we don't like someone on a show or we think they've behaved badly, immediately we think "ah what are people going to say about this person, on Twitter?" Are they going to think like us that it's not right what she did. It's true that we like to go and see.

Yeah we like it. And the people are really funny. Yeah yeah.

Because Twitter makes that... if there are a lot of likes, the tweet will go up very very high and then we have immediately the best, the funniest. It's true that they are really funny. People are creative

And then... Which application do you like best?

The problem is... My favorite app... Oh yeah, actually, there are two apps that I prefer. Let's say... The one that is the healthiest in a way, is Strava.

I don't know if, if, Strava you know what it is. I'll introduce it quickly, it's a running and cycling application. Well, sport in general, where when you do a session, you post it on Strava and then Strava will tell you where you went fast. Where you were not fast. It will compare you to others. It will give you a progression curve.

Well, it's an app that is very addictive when you're working out, so I think it's the healthiest. And then the second one is TikTok. But TikTok is a drama because it's... You waste a lot of time on it.

Yeah TikTok is really... It's really addictive actually. I often think "ah, I'll just watch ten minutes of TikTok before I go to sleep" and then I look at the time. And in fact, it's an hour and a half later.

Because you yeah, it's TikTok you like... It's more and more I feel... TikTok compared to before.

Yeah it's true that I used to spend a lot more time on Instagram. And actually it depends on what I'm looking for. If for example there are personalities that I like, and I want to see what they do, then it's more Instagram. Because it's more of that type of content. But if I want to be entertained, I'll go to TikTok instead. But then, the app that I use the most... I look at. What do I use a lot?

Well, YouTube too! I forgot to mention it.

Only for the videos we already watch them.

Yes, it's true that YouTube is where we are all the time. But after that it's more for the... Yeah YouTube I would say we're on YouTube all the time, all the time.

After that, it's true that I'm on WhatsApp very, very often. As I have a lot of friends who are in Belgium, my family who is in Belgium. I really spend a lot of time doing vocals on WhatsApp, actually.

Yeah it's true that you do a lot of vocals.

I often hear you talking to your girlfriends.

Or I send pictures of what I'm eating or... Yeah it's true that WhatsApp and otherwise... Yeah TikTok. TikTok is a little bit... An addiction.

Yeah, TikTok is not the place to go. Because afterwards it's... We waste so much time on that... Afterwards, there are things that are funny even on TikTok. It's true that there are some... there are some people who are creative. Like on Twitter.

We laugh a lot on TikTok, we can laugh a lot too.

But otherwise favorite app... or most convenient app I have? Ah yes, we don't know says the most convenient apps. Yeah, the most useful ones.


Or you more practical for example, what would it be? Citymapper?

Citymapper yeah... Citymapper is a bit like Google Maps I think which is in every city. But it's true that it's very practical in Paris because when you take the metro or the bus or the streetcar, the application tells you exactly where you have to be in relation to where you are going.

For example, if I go to the other end of Paris and I have to take three different subways. The app will say "sit in the front, sit in the back so that for the connection, you're in the best position to take the next metro and save as much time as possible. I really like this app

In good app there is... Shazam. Ah yes Shazam. Shazam.

That's a classic. It's a classic, Shazam.

It's a classic, but it's still good. It does... it's true that it's... you don't use it every day, but when you need it, you really need it. Yeah. And Spotify too that's true. Facebook or Spotify.

Yeah Spotify.

Yes, especially now I love it because there's the feature... well it's not so new, but the feature where you can display the lyrics of the songs in a big way on the whole screen. It's true that when I'm alone, I like to put it on and... I sing in secret.

You can sing. Then for other apps... no, yes, that's it... TikTok. Yes it's true that I don't have... I don't have 200 apps on my phone.

Yes, we don't use a lot of them. Anyway...

I have a bit of everything that is classic. An application to scan documents, it's true that it's practical. Yeah I don't, I don't have a lot of apps.

Then you don't play games, like Candy Crush... No, not at all.

I don't. No, no, I don't play those games at all. I prefer to do crossword puzzles with a real book.

A real notebook.

I prefer to do it before I go to sleep, it allows me to relax a bit. But no, I don't play games at all. But neither do you.

No, I don't play... I used to play a lot of games when I was younger. But not in application, more in video games.

Yeah not in application, on console. To the Playstation, Super Nintendo, all that. Computer too. Counter Strike and stuff. But then, on phone I don't know, I can't do it.

Then even now I can't play video games. I tried again at one point and I don't know, maybe it's just age. I don't have the patience to sit in front of a screen and play anymore.

Since we've been together, I've never seen you play video games.

No I... I don't have that anymore yeah. I'm not really excited about games anymore.

But then, we're going to tackle a final theme on the five senses. The five senses are touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.

Yes. Would you... if you were to lose a sense, for you, would it be less worse to lose touch or smell?

Smell. Frankly, if I had to lose a sense, it would be that. Touch is still important because... Well, smell too, obviously. But no, while saying that, I'm thinking. And it's true that the sense of smell...

Earlier I smelled a scent that reminded me of an old memory from when I was little.

What is it?

Well, I don't know, it was a smell that reminded me of when I was at a friend's house when I was... I don't know... ten years old. It's true that there is a memory in fact.

Yes, an olfactory memory that is enormous. But still, touch is so important. I would say that if I had to lose one, obviously reluctantly but... It would be the sense of smell.

Because... afterwards, yeah... on the other hand, the sense of smell, it's true that when you cook, the smell of things is also important.

Besides, you didn't get the Covid so you can't... You don't realize what it's like to lose your sense of smell. The problem with the sense of smell is that it's... in fact the sense of smell and the sense of taste are really linked.

Because... then maybe I had lost the taste too. It was during the first confinement. I had had the Covid and Mathieu had not. Or at least, Mathieu had not had any symptoms. But it's true that... well we realized that I had lost my sense of smell because Mathieu had cleaned the bathroom with vinegar.

Household vinegar.

And it is true that it smells very very strong normally. I don't know, he says "I'm sorry, it smells very strong". And I tell him "no, it's ok, I don't think so". And he said "wait, come on, put your head in the bathtub".

I say "well no, it doesn't smell". And then we realized that there might be a problem. At first, you thought I was making a joke. But it's true that afterwards, we did some tests.

Mathieu had blindfolded me and he made me smell things and I had to guess what they were. And at one point, he had taken some dishwashing liquid and in fact he was pressing and I just smelled air.

So I thought he was making a joke that was blowing on me. And in fact, no, it was dishwashing liquid, which normally smells pretty strong too. And it's true that I didn't smell. But when we were eating, I didn't really feel the taste.

But had I lost both my sense of smell and taste? Or just the sense of smell? I don't know. But it's true that it's related.

Yeah, I'm not sure. I can't decide.

Touching it is a bit of a hassle.

Yeah, it's clear, losing the term touch... even to hold stuff.

You can't what. So what about you?

No, I still lose the sense of smell.

You'd rather lose your sense of smell than...

Yes, losing the sense of smell. There are people who live without a sense of smell. It is constraining. But... in any case, it is less constraining than the other senses.

Yes, afterwards you have senses... Sight, hearing, all that, and that is a constraint, a real constraint in your everyday life. Really after that it's a real handicap.

Yeah, the sense of smell.

But yes, the sense of smell. Okay. Touch though... yes touch is important. You wouldn't even feel it when I hold your hand. Yes, it's horrible. Well, it's for sure then, not touch.

So that's it. We're done for today. We hope you enjoyed this video. That thanks to this dialogue, you were able to learn new vocabulary, but also to really immerse yourself in the context of real French conversations.

We tried to speak as naturally as possible. Do not hesitate if you have any questions about vocabulary words, to put them in comments and especially if you liked this format, this type of video.

Of course put a like and tell us in comments. So that we do, more videos like these. See you soon.

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