FRENCH SLANG - 10 colloquial French words YOU NEED to know (everyone uses them in France)

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FRENCH SLANG - 10 colloquial French words YOU NEED to know (everyone uses them in France)


When we learn French in school or in textbooks, we don't always learn the real French spoken in everyday life in France, the familiar French.

However, if you watch movies, series or talk with French people or come to France, you will be quickly confronted with these vocabulary words that you may not know.

Welcome to this new French video. There are some colloquial words, slang words in French that are really very common in everyday life, that are used by everyone in France.

In this video, I propose you to see ten essential words to know, ten familiar words, essential to know in French to speak with French people or to understand movies, series, music in French.

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The first word is a book. A book is simply a book. You can say I took a book to read at the beach.

Clothes or clothes. I bought some new clothes for this summer. Clothes are simply clothes.

A car or a crate. A crate is usually a cardboard box, but a crate and a car also simply mean a car. These are familiar words that are used very regularly to talk about a car, an automobile or a car.

I don't know where I put the keys to my car. I parked my car on the next street.

Work. You've probably heard this word before, really, everyone uses it on a daily basis every day. Work is simply work. I changed jobs this year. I like my new job better. By the way, we often say "metro, work, sleep" to talk about the routine of everyday life. It means I get up, I take the subway or a transport, I go to work and then I go to sleep.

So the next word, really, in my circle, I don't think I know anyone who actually uses the official word. Everybody really uses the colloquial word for a refrigerator.

Everyone, but really everyone, uses the word refrigerator. Really, using the word refrigerator is very rare. Really, everyone prefers to say a fridge. I put the groceries in the fridge. The fridge is the place where we put fresh products like cheese, yoghurt and why not vegetables, meat.

A cop. Cop, it's a word that is used very often in the common language to talk about a policeman. In fact, if you watch French crime shows, you will have heard the word cop.

To remain in the same lexical field, in colloquial language to speak about the prison, one often says the clink. He is in the clink. The criminal is in the clink.

A fag. If you've ever been to France and gone to a party, maybe someone has asked you for a fag. A clope is a cigarette. Smokers smoke fags.

A buddy, my buddies, your buddies, his buddies...

Buddies are simply friends in a more familiar language. My friends and I love to party. I party a lot with my friends.

And let's go to the last word, which is really used a lot, but like all the words in this video, it's food. Food is a word that we use instead of food.

There is also the verb to eat. What are we eating tonight? I want to eat a pizza. This word for food and to eat is a little more familiar than the others. For example, you can ask someone for a cigarette in the evening but in a restaurant don't talk to the waiter about food. It's a little more familiar. You say that with your friends instead, with your buddies.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this video.

Don't hesitate to tell me in comments if you want me to make other videos on colloquial words, on French colloquial language or on slang. If you liked this video, please don't forget to put a like. And if you are new, subscribe. See you soon.

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