LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom: A hard blow

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LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom: A hard blow

Transcript of the video

Hello everyone, I hope you're well, I'll see you again for a new video in the format a French expression in a few minutes before starting, remember to activate the subtitles in French if you need it to better understand the video. The expression we are going to see today is a hard one. There are many expressions in French with the word coup. We had already seen to have a blow of slack I will give you the video above if you have not seen it yet.

Going back to having a hard time, it's not a very happy expression. It is a rather negative expression. When we say that we have a hard time, it means that we are going through an ordeal, something where we are going through something quite difficult. It's a really bad time. It's something that happens to us, that is really not happy, that is really not joyful. Something sad happens to us can for example say that to get through the hard times of life, you have to be very positive.

A hard blow can be, for example, the death of a loved one. It can be losing your job, it can be failing an exam or it can be. What can it be? It can be, for example, a separation in love. A difficulty that happens to us. An ordeal. I'm going to give you some context to help you better understand the expression and especially, so that you can also use it in sentences when you speak in French.

Here's some initial background. I was laid off from my job last March. It was a real blow to me. It took me several months to get over it. Here is a second context. The Belgian soccer team was eliminated from the World Cup by France. It was a real blow for the Belgians, who were already looking forward to the World Cup final. That's it for this expression having a hard blow.

Feel free to comment if there are any phrases you would like me to explain if you liked this video. As usual, of course remember to put a little thumb. It helps me a lot. I wish you a wonderful day and I say to you very soon for a new video.

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