FRENCH VOCABULARY - 70 basic adjectives you MUST KNOW to speak French!

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FRENCH VOCABULARY - 70 basic adjectives you MUST KNOW to speak French!

Transcript of the video

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I'm back today for a French vocabulary video.

This video is for beginners or for people who want to review basic French vocabulary.

In this video, I've listed the 70 French adjectives most often used when speaking.

We will see together these 70 adjectives in masculine and feminine for each adjective.

I'll give you a French context to help you remember the word better.

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Former, former. I ran into my old French teacher.

I sold my old car.

Other. I have another idea.

Beautiful, beautiful. I met a beautiful boy. I bought a beautiful dress.

Weird. I had a weird dream.

White, white. I have a white horse. I bought a white skirt.

Blue, blue. My notebook is blue. I have a blue car.

Good, good. This meal is very good. This is the right key to open the door.

Certain, certain. Nicolas is certain to pass his exam. Mary is certain that she is right.

Hot, hot. It's too hot outside. You need hot water to make tea.

Expensive, expensive. My rent is very expensive, I pay more than 1200 euros per month. 12 euros per kilo. These tomatoes are very expensive.

Clear, clear. It is clear that the soccer game will be cancelled. The minister was very clear in her speech.

Happy, Happy. I'm happy to be on vacation. Léa is happy to have passed her exam.

Last, last, I took the last train of the day. Carla came last in the race.

Sorry, sorry. Cedric has a sorry tone. Lola is sorry to be late.

Different, different. I prefer to eat a different dish. Celia is different from the others.

Difficult. This is a difficult piano piece to play.

Soft, soft. The fabric of these pants is very soft. You have soft skin.

Straight, straight. This wall is not straight, it leans. Stand up straight, otherwise your back will hurt.

Funny. This girl is funny, she makes me laugh.

Whole, whole, I bought a carton of whole milk. I ate a whole slice of pizza.

Strange. His hat is strange, it is pink, with green and black feathers.

Easy. The French exam was very easy. I'm sure I passed.

Fake, fake. It's a fake painting, it's a copy of Picasso. This story is false. You are lying.

Strong, strong. Mathieu carried a truck. He is very strong. Chloe is strong in mathematics. She got 20 out of 20 on the exam.

Cold, cold. In winter, it is cold outside. I drank a glass of cold water.

Nice, nice. He's a nice guy, he's very polite. Lea is nice to everyone.

Tall, tall. Carlos is very tall, he is 2 meters high. This dress is too big for me.

Serious, the health situation is very serious.

Big, big. This elephant is very big, it weighs 7,000 kilos. I've never seen an apple that big. It is huge.

High, High. This tree is 10 meters high. This man has a high opinion of himself. He is very pretentious.

Happy, happy. I am happy, I ate a cake. Elisa won the lottery. She is so happy.

Human, human. He is human, he can make mistakes. She is so mean, she is not human at all.

Important, important. My dog is very important to me, I love him very much. Corinne has many skills. She is important for her colleagues.

No way. It is impossible to pass this test. You must have 100% of correct answers.

Young. Oh, it's okay, he's young, he's allowed to make mistakes.

Pretty, pretty. It is pretty this bouquet of flowers, I love it. The new car is very pretty.

Fair. This man was sentenced to 15 years in prison when he is innocent, it is not fair.

Light, light. This weight is light, I lift it easily. It is light as a feather.

Free. I am free to make my own decisions. No one tells me what to do.

Long, long. It is a long coat. It is very elegant. There is still a long way to go before we arrive.

Sick. I don't feel well, I'm probably sick.

Bad, bad. I lost again, I'm so bad. This team is bad, they just lose their games.

Better, better. You're better than me in math. She is the best in the class, she is number one.

Same. I always play the same numbers in the lottery. I hope I win one day.

Dead, dead. He died in a terrible plane crash. My dog died in my arms.

Black. Black. My cat is black. I love my black shirt, it's very pretty.

New, new. I have a new phone, I bought it yesterday. I like your new skirt very much, it fits you very well.

Same, same. He's my twin brother, he's the same as me. My car is the same as the neighbor's.

Poor. He is poor, he lost all his money in the casino.

Little, little, I'm not very hungry, I have a small appetite. His car is smaller than mine.

Possible. Everything is possible in life, you just have to believe in it.

First, first. I won the race, I finished first. This is the first time I've eaten this dish.

Ready, ready. I'm ready, you can start. She is ready for her exam. She has studied.

Next, next. You're next in line. She's next on the list.

Clean. The floor is clean, I cleaned it.

Rich. I won the lottery. I am rich.

Red. The strawberry is red. It looks delicious.

Dirty. The bathroom is dirty, it must be cleaned.

Serious, serious. He did well on his exam, he's serious. I'm serious, I'm not lying to you.

Alone, alone. I lost all my friends, I feel lonely. She is the only one who passed her exam.

Simple. This exercise is really simple, anyone can do it.

Great, my cousin is great, he is always in a good mood.

Everything, all of it. He ate the whole cake, he ate the whole thing. He loves all animals, even insects. I invited all the girls in my class to my house.

I'm calm, I finished my exams. I am calm.

Sad. My little cat died yesterday. I am very sad.

Green. Green. I ate a plate of green beans. The banana is green, it's not ripe.

Empty. I've already drunk it all, my glass is empty.

Old, old. Her grandfather is 110 years old. He is old. It's an old car. It came out in the 1960s.

Alive, alive. His surgery went well. He is alive. Despite her age, my grandmother is alive and well.

Real, real. This is not a fake, this is a real phone. I swear to you, this is a true story.

And that's it for today.

I hope you enjoyed this video, that you liked learning new French vocabulary words or reviewing vocabulary you already knew.

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See you soon.

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