French idiom: Se prendre un râteau - LEARN FRENCH IN 3 MINUTES

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French idiom: Se prendre un râteau - LEARN FRENCH IN 3 MINUTES

Transcript of the video

Hi everyone, I hope you are well and having a nice day. Welcome to this video where we will see a French expression in a few minutes.

Today, we're going to look at the expression "taking a rake".

Literally, to take a rake, it means that you take a rake, you know, it's a tool that we use in the garden, often, to collect the leaves, we take it in the head.

And this expression comes from this image. You may have seen it in cartoons, it's a bit of a recurring gag.

Someone who is walking and will step on a part of the rake that is on the ground, and the rake rises and it hits the person's head.

Of course, this colloquial expression is mostly used figuratively.

Getting a rake means that we tried to seduce someone, but we didn't get our way. The person didn't let us seduce them, they put a stop to us. They are not interested in us.

You get a rake. It's kind of the same pain. Except that it's not a physical pain, but it's a pain in the heart.

It hurts to get a rake. I'll give you two contextualizations so you understand.

For example, if I'm walking down the street and a guy comes up to me and asks for my phone number and I say no thanks, I'm not interested, I'm already in a relationship. He'll say he got a rake and I'll say I got a rake.

Here's another story I read on the Internet. It's about a boy who went to his hairdresser to get his hair cut and they were having a good laugh together. So as he was leaving, he asked her to go for a drink.

He invited her for a drink and she told him that she was coming out of a very long relationship, that she didn't want to start seeing other guys.

So he writes on the Internet, that he took a rake from his hairdresser.

Often, when you get a rake, it's because the other person doesn't really like you, so they'll kind of say excuses, like, I'd rather we stay friends, I don't want to ruin our friendship.

If it's someone you know. Or, like I said, I'm just out of a relationship or I'm in a relationship. Even though sometimes that's not true.

That's it for that little colloquial expression "taking a rake".

I hope you enjoyed this video and most importantly, that you won't get a rake from the person you like.

I wish you a very, very nice day and above all, don't forget if you liked the video, put a like and above all if you are not yet a subscriber, subscribe and activate the bell so you don't miss any of my videos.

I'll see you very, very soon.

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