LEARN FRENCH IN 3 MINUTES - French idiom : It's seen and seen again

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LEARN FRENCH IN 3 MINUTES - French idiom : It's seen and seen again


Hi everyone, I hope you are well and ready for a new French video.

Today, we will see together a French expression in a few minutes. The expression we are going to see today is a familiar expression.

This expression is "it's seen and seen again".

I love to use this expression, I use it very often.

We use it to talk about something that is not very original, we say it is seen and seen again. So, it means that it's really not original, we've seen it many times before. It's not something new or innovative.

For example, if I watch television and I see an ad with a story that we have already seen 10 times, for example laundry products, I can say it's seen and seen again, they should change the story of their ads a little.

We use it to say that an idea is a bit lame, that we have already seen it everywhere, that it has already been done many times.

Here are some more contextualizations.

For example, if I say I don't have any ideas for a gift for my boyfriend.

A friend may say to me, you could buy her a perfume. I'll say oh no, not a perfume, it's seen and seen again.

That means it's really a very basic gift that anyone can give. Here's a second bit of context. If I'm having guests over and I have to find a dessert to make and my husband says we could make an apple crumble for dessert, I can say oh no, it's seen it all over again, crumbles, we see them all the time, I'd like to make a dessert that's a little more original.

I'll put one last bit of context that I saw on Instagram.

There's an Instagram account called Vinted's Ball Breakers.

Casse-couille is a very vulgar expression in French, it's a synonym for boring, so boring people. So here, in fact, it lists people who are boring on Vinted.

So you see, this is the network where you can sell and buy clothes.

Here, we have a conversation between a seller and a buyer and the person who wants to buy does not make any sentence.

She only answers with very small words.

And so the saleswoman asks her if she can't make sentences. And so, you see, here, it's repeated on the group and the description of this image, it's people making sentences, it's seen and seen again.

Here, obviously, it's ironic. It's second degree. It's to say why do what everyone else does. We've already seen sentences a lot of times, so you might as well be a little more original in the way you write, as I say, it's ironic, it's humor.

I hope that you have understood this little colloquial expression and that you will be able to use it too.

If you liked this video, of course, think of putting a like. And if you're new, subscribe so you don't miss any of my videos, I'll see you very, very soon.

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