LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom: Poser un lapin

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LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom: Poser un lapin


Hi everyone, hope you are well and having a great day.

Welcome to this video where we will see together a French expression in a few minutes. Today, we are going to see a rather familiar expression. This expression is "to stand up".

You did hear a rabbit as the little animal. When you stand someone up, it means you're not going on a date. If I don't go on a date, I stand someone up. And if someone doesn't go on a date with me, they stand me up.

I got stood up. Often, it is used in the context of a love appointment, a date. But it can also be a business appointment, an appointment with a friend, a medical appointment. For example, if I forget to go to a medical appointment, I can say I got stood up by my doctor, I completely forgot to go to that appointment.

Here are two contextualizations. I had an appointment with a waiter at the restaurant at 8pm, I waited for over an hour and he never showed up. No one had ever stood me up like that, and he gave me no news and no explanation.

Here's a second example in a professional setting. I drove two hours to my client's appointment and she stood me up. She never showed up. She wrote me later that she had a problem with her car.

That's it. For that little colloquialism. I hope you enjoyed it, but please don't stand up other people too often.

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I'll see you very, very soon.

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