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In this video, we will talk about 10 movies that could be very useful to learn to speak French! On the program, discover movies like Intouchables, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, The Big Bath, The Aries Family and many more!

Films evoked to learn French

  • Untouchables
  • Young woman
  • The first day of the rest of your life
  • The world is yours
  • The law of the market
  • Victoria
  • The Invisibles
  • The Aries family
  • The faithful man
  • The big bath


Hello to all.

Watching recent movies in French is a very good idea to learn and improve your French because you will hear words and expressions used in everyday life by the French.

Every year, new expressions or words also emerge in French culture. Watching very recent movies will also allow you to update your French. In the different movies, you also experience everyday situations, real life contexts.

You will be able to learn words in their real context, which will allow you to memorize them better and use them optimally in conversations.

We have selected ten films with different themes. You will therefore be able to see different life situations and learn vocabulary on various themes. We have also chosen films with plots and stories that are easy to understand so that you can quickly immerse yourself in the film. Before you start, here are a few tips. The first advice is to always put the subtitles in French. Don't take the easy way out by putting the subtitles in your native language.

Indeed, thanks to the context of the scene, you will be able to understand words and learn words that you did not know before.

Also, by listening to words as you read them in French, you will be able to memorize them more easily. Our second tip is to always carry a notebook so that you can write down words and expressions that you have just learned or that you do not understand in order to look up the translation later. 

You will build a vocabulary base to learn and use in everyday situations. If you are a real beginner or are afraid you won't understand the film, don't hesitate to watch children's movies or cartoons.

The vocabulary used will be simpler and the story, therefore the plot, will be simpler. It will be easier for you to understand. The next tip is to avoid movies with strong accents if you are a beginner. For example, the movie "Bienvenue chez les Chtis" takes place in the North of France. The whole plot, the whole story is based on accent differences. For you, this movie will be very complicated, very complex to understand. At first, choose films with smooth accents, easier to understand.

Finally, we have created a discussion group on the HelloFrench forum. You will be able to discuss the words or scenes you don't understand with us or with other members of the community. Feel free to comment on this video to tell us about words or movie passages you don't understand, we will answer your comments. Break out the popcorn! We'll move on to our selection of ten films. The first movie is "Intouchables".

  • "Intouchables" is a comedy. This movie will be very interesting for you because it shows two worlds of the French society. On the one hand, one of the characters is an aristocrat who comes from the bourgeoisie and is therefore very rich, and on the other hand, we have a character who comes from the suburbs, from a rather poor neighborhood and who has just been released from prison. These two characters are going to be brought to rub shoulders because the aristocrat had an accident and is now in a wheelchair. He is handicapped. He will hire the young boy to help him in his daily life. The main topics of the film on which you will learn vocabulary are friendship, social classes, but also disability.
  • The second film is called "Young Woman". "Young Woman" is a dramatic comedy. It is the story of a young woman who returns to Paris, to France, after having lived abroad for several years. She has to start looking for a job, a place to live, this film will be very interesting for you because this young woman who is French, comes back to her country as a foreigner. So we live with her in her daily life. We discover the difficulties to integrate in the French society. In this film, you will learn a lot of vocabulary on the search for a job, on the daily life and on the difficulties that one can meet.
  • The third film is called "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life". It is also a comedy-drama. In this film we follow a family of five people: a father, a mother, a daughter and two boys. We are going to follow these five people during twelve years but more particularly during the five most important days which are going to occur during these twelve years. This film will plunge you into the universe of the family and the family relations. In this film, you will also be able to learn vocabulary about the driver's license. Indeed, the mother of this family tries to learn to drive during the movie. So if you want to come to France and get your license this vocabulary can be very interesting. 
  • The fourth film is called "The World is Yours". It's an action movie, but also a comedy. It is the story of François, who is a drug dealer, but who has a dream: to be the first to sell Mister Freeze in North Africa. Mister Freeze is an ice cream in the form of ice cubes flavored with different tastes, for example strawberry, lemon... Except that he realizes that his mother has spent all her savings. So to succeed in his project, he is going to make one last big drug deal in Spain, except that nothing will happen as planned. This film is interesting because you will discover vocabulary about gangs, drugs, but also mother-son relationships and also everything that concerns a change of life. 
  • The next film is called "La loi du marché". It is a drama. We will follow the life of a 50 year old man who has been unemployed for almost two years and who starts a new job. This job is very hard morally and humanly because he has to watch in a supermarket what the customers are doing, so for example, if they steal things, but also the cashiers. This film will teach you a lot of vocabulary about the difficulties you can encounter in life but also about the world of work. 
  • The next film is called "Victoria". "Victoria" is the story of a young woman who is a lawyer and a single mother. So, we are going to follow her in her daily life, both in her professional life, so in her work, but also in her personal life where she tries to meet a man. In this film you will be immersed in the world of justice as the main character is a lawyer, so you will learn vocabulary on that, but you will also learn vocabulary on dating and love relationships.
  • The next film is called "Les Invisibles". It is a social comedy. This film will be very interesting because you will discover the world of the street, of the homeless but also of the social actions which are led in France. The story of the film, it is a center which welcomes homeless women, homeless, which will close. The social workers, the ladies who take care of these homeless women will try to reintegrate them into society, especially through work. A little anecdote about this film, all the actresses who play homeless women are in reality real homeless people. 
  • The next film is called "La famille Bélier". It's a comedy. So "La famille Bélier" is about a family where everyone is deaf. So, no one can hear, except Paula, who is the 16-year-old. Every day, she helps her parents and her brother to communicate with the rest of the world. She also helps her family a lot on the farm. Except that her life is about to change when her music teacher at school discovers that she has a hidden talent for singing. This film is very interesting because it deals with many themes: family, the world of the farm, adolescence, school but also music.
  • The second to last film we selected is called "The Faithful Man". "The faithful man" is a romantic comedy, a romance. It is the story of Abel and Marianne who have been separated for ten years. Abel tries to seduce Marianne again after the death of her husband. Except that nothing happens as he planned since Marianne's son hates him and a second woman enters his life who is determined to seduce him. In this movie you will discover Lily-Rose Depp, who is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. This movie will be interesting because you will learn vocabulary and see life situations about love relationships, love, but also about grief.
  • The last movie we selected is called "Le grand bain". Le grand bain is a sports comedy. So, we are going to follow the life of different men who are a little bit lost, quite depressed, who meet around a common project at the municipal swimming pool, so at the city swimming pool, where they are going to decide to create the first French team of male synchronized swimming. They will be helped by a former champion. In this film, we follow the daily life of these different men who have a different way of seeing the family, the work, of behaving. It's quite interesting to see these different ways of seeing life. This film will also be interesting because you will learn vocabulary about sports competitions through swimming. 

Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment on the French movies you like and that you find easy to learn French. 

If you want to see other videos or other contents, please visit our website www.hellofrench.com. 

See you soon.

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