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Transcript of the video

Hello everyone. Today I'm going to take you with me to Paris. It's an opportunity to discover new vocabulary and to see pictures of the city. I'm going to meet a friend and we're going shopping. Right now, it's the sales in France. So I'm going to put on a coat. As it is winter, it is cold. I button my coat. I will put a hat on my head. Always so I don't get cold.

I'm going to wear my shoes, in this case sneakers. I could have worn, boots, ankle boots, but I'm going to wear my sneakers instead because I'm going to be walking a lot.

I'm going to tie my shoes. It was the right foot and now I put the left foot. And again I tie my shoe, I tie my sneaker. All that's left is to take my bag, my keys which I put in my bag, and of course to put on a mask. We left.

So here we are, we're going to leave, I could take the elevator, but I'm going to take the stairs to do some sport. So I'm in the street, I'm walking, I'm wearing a mask because it's compulsory in France to wear a mask everywhere in the street, in the stores, almost everywhere, except when you're at home. I walk to go to the subway. It's really nice because there is a big sun. The weather forecast had predicted rain, but it's much nicer to walk under the sun. Behind me, right there you see, there is a gas station or a gas pump.

This is where you go to put gas in your car. So here, we pass in front of a bakery, there are breads and different pastries and different French cakes. Here we go to a car school, so a car school is where you learn to drive. Next to it we have a caterer - restaurant. The difference between a caterer and a restaurant is that in a restaurant you can sit at a table and be served. A caterer will rather make take-away meals.

Sometimes, it's restaurants that also do catering. You can come in and say I'll take a little bit of potatoes, a little bit of meat and you can take it home in trays. And here is the subway. We're going to go inside. It's called a metro station in French or a subway station.

I'm hurrying a little bit because I'm really late. I'm late. My friend, she will be angry I think. We'll go through the park. I really have to hurry.

I'm so late that my friend is already in the store and even already in the fitting rooms trying on clothes. Well, I'll show you the store anyway. It's called in French, a second hand store. Inside, you buy clothes that are not new, that have already been worn. They are second hand. As there is a lot of line, I think that I could not enter.

I'm going to wait for him here, so I'm going to continue to show you a little bit of the stores around so you learn the new store names. So, here we have a florist, it's a store that sells flowers and plants. Here I pass an art gallery where you can buy the works of artists. Here there is a restaurant, but it is closed because all the restaurants are closed because of the sanitary conditions. Here, you see, there is a move. I made a video about the move not long ago, if you're interested in seeing it, I'll put it just above. Here, you have a costume store for parties, to dress up and put on costumes, masks. Here is a very nice little courtyard in Paris, this is typical of Paris. I show you a little bit the streets here you see, it's typical Parisian architecture buildings. There are not many cars because there are demonstrations, there are people in the street who demonstrate, who come to protest.

Therefore, there are some streets that are blocked to traffic.

The cars can't come. It's so cute this park. Here I am in a clothing store where you see, it's the sale, it means you can buy the clothes cheaper. Here we have pants, I don't know if you can see. Here we have skirts. Sweaters. Here we have scarves. Here we have hats, hats and here we have dresses. Now I'm in another store to buy gift wrap, to wrap gifts, to give to someone. The afternoon is almost over. I just have to go buy frozen raspberries. So raspberries, it's a fruit that we find, it's a red fruit that we find rather in summer. That's why I'm going to buy them frozen, to put in the freezer because I'd like to make a raspberry pie tomorrow. We'll go to Picard. I don't know if you know this store. It's a chain of stores in France that only sells frozen food, so it goes in the freezer.

Here, you can really find everything in frozen. Look, you can even find frozen frog legs. It is typically French. You see, here, we even have frozen snails. And that's it, the afternoon is over, I hope you enjoyed this new video format. If you liked it, don't forget to put a like. If you're new, don't forget to subscribe to the channel to receive all my videos. See you soon.

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