LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom: C'est le serpent qui se mordre la queue

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LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom: C'est le serpent qui se mordre la queue

Transcript of the video

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Today, we meet again for a new French expression. In a few minutes, we will see the expression it is the snake that bites the tail, so the animal snake. We do not know very well the animal that bites its tail before starting to think, of course, to activate the subtitles in French to be sure to understand everything. If you need it, the expression is the snake that bites its tail.

This means that we are in a vicious circle, so we are in a situation in which it is difficult to get out of this situation. Or we are in a situation where an element A depends on an element B which needs elements to have. We are going in circles. In fact, we don't know how to get out of it. I'll give you some context. It will be, I think, much simpler to understand and especially, it will be simpler for you to use the expression.

By the way, after watching this video, don't hesitate to put in comments sentences where you use this expression to show me that you understood it well. Here is a first context in France to open a bank account. You need pay slips, but to be able to receive these wages, you need a French bank account. I can't get my salary because I don't have a bank account, but I don't want to open a bank account because I don't get a salary.

So we can say that it is the snake that bites the tail. We don't know where to start. If we are in an infinite circle, here is a second context, in a completely different context, that will help you understand the expression better. I'm stressed about gaining weight, therefore getting fat and not being able to fit into my wedding dress. Because I am stressed, I eat. And so, I gain weight.

Mom, the snake that bites its own tail. That's it for today. I hope you liked this expression, especially if you understood it well. Don't forget to put a little possible if you liked the video and of course, if you are new on the channel, think of subscribing to not miss any video. See you very, very soon.

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