FRENCH VLOG - Marseille with my friends (national day, boat tour, packing...) // EN + FR subtitles

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FRENCH VLOG - Marseille with my friends (national day, boat tour, packing...) // EN + FR subtitles


Hi everyone.

I hope you are well.

Welcome to this vlog video.

Today is the 13th of July.

Tomorrow is the fourteenth, which is the French national holiday, so it is a public holiday in France.

I'm very happy because tomorrow I'm going to Marseille for four days, with three friends. Marseille is a city that I really like. I go there quite often.

It's really a city that I love. I love the atmosphere, I love the little cafes, the little shops that you can find there. So I'm going to take you there with me.

In a few minutes, I will meet you at my place to pack my suitcase and this is a very good opportunity to see or review vocabulary.

I'll see you soon.

Let's go and pack.

Can you please film me while I'm packing?


Here, wait.

Here you go! I'll meet you now to pack my suitcase. So I prepared a bag to put all the shoes I want to take with me.

I'm going for four days so it's a bit much. But I think I'll take two pairs of heels for the evenings and I'll take a pair of sandals.

And then I have sneakers, but I'd wear them for the train.

Is that good, do you think?

I already have the shoes that take up half the suitcase. So I took my hair straightener. Especially since I'm going to the sea they will curl.

Here you go. So... Ah I need swimsuits. I'll take a two-piece swimsuit. A bikini.

And then I'm going to take a swimsuit, one piece. I'll also take this little accessory. I don't know if you can see very well. It's not the accessory that makes you look the best, it's a nose clip.

But I'm taking him as we go to the sea because I have a little problem with my nose.

And when I put my head in the water, it hurts like hell. So I have to put on a nose clip.

I'll take a little dress... Hop, a dress. Here, I'll take a set with a, it's a skirt. It's an outfit with a skirt and a long-sleeved shirt on top.

I'll take a pair of shorts. A little... A little sport shorts and a tee shirt, a tee shirt.

For the other days I will take dresses, long dresses. I don't think I'll take pants, because it's going to be very hot. I hesitate. For the train. Maybe I'll wear one for the train.

I'm still going to take some small tops, tops for the beach. Here's a towel to go to the sea and the beach. I'm going to take a headset to listen to music, some arrow words and a pencil. Because I love it.

I'll take a book with me.

And then all that's missing is my toiletry kit and we're good, I think, right?


I'll do it better in the morning because I'm still going to use a lot of things. But I'll still show you what I'm going to bring.

Of course, sunscreen is very, very important. Deodorant, contact lens product, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste. And then after that, perfume, moisturizer, makeup remover and then after that, I put on all my makeup.

And that's it. Come on, I'll shut up for now, I probably forgot some things I'll have to put back, but let's say for now, the suitcase is almost ready.

Here it is, the day of departure. I just woke up.

I don't speak very loudly because it's 6 am. It's very early and Mathieu is still sleeping right next door.

I'll go get ready and then I'll go to the station.

Hello! How are you?

Hello girlfriends.

The train is already 25 minutes late.

I also keep rolling down my pants.

Well arrived in Marseille. Aren't you hungry?

No. Oh yes, I'm too hungry. No ? We have to go to brunch.

Oh yes, we have to go to brunch, we agree.

Because you're covering the next time at Bercy when they want to touch the savings.

Walking in the city in the middle of the heat, because it will be better than in Paris.

Walking in a pan bagnat?

In the middle of the heat wave.

Ah I understood in the pan bagnat.

Marseille baby.

Here, I'm doing the tof here.

You are happy that it is your national holiday. Yeah!

Long live the revolution!

I like the Belgian accent.

This is the way to make the "A's" into "A's".

We have a lot to do.

Yes, it is the wind the mistral.

But I don't think we have the time.

Ah yes, the thing where they eat your feet there?

I never did. Oh, there's a little drop of water on my head.

It's the mister. Oh, there's a mister?

I don't know, it looks like there are drops coming from there. Yes, there is a mister.

Come on, a little water! It's on me!

It's back to the races.

No, there's only, you know, [...] stuff.

What is the problem?

When I cook.

So this is a typical French recipe, "French recette".

We have for that quality ingredients and made in France and products, of course, of great quality.

So I prepare my ingredients to make sure I have them right, so I can start my recipe.

I'd like to have a little bit.

On the old port, yeah too nice.

There's plenty of room.

These young hopefuls of French cycling. Guaranteed spectacle.

We're going boating. Are you happy to go boating Aurélie?

I am very happy.

Are you going to dive into the sea?

Yes, I am getting ready for this beautiful nature reserve in the Calanques. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

See the emblematic monument of Marseille for over 150 years, Notre-Dame de la Garde, more commonly known as "La Bonne Mère".

The statue of the Virgin and Child, which crowns the basilica, is nearly eleven meters tall, weighs almost ten tons and has been covered with nearly 30,000 gold leaf.

And it was the architect Pierre Marie who built it. Because Marseille was the European capital of culture.

What are we going to eat, Jade? A raclette!

Beautiful. The Velodrome it comes out well nevertheless.

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