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Hello everyone, welcome to this new French video.

Today, we will see together four expressions that speak about eyes in French.

I know you really enjoy learning new expressions. Today we're going to look at four that are directly related to eyes.

The first one, I was asked in comments, is simply "my eye". It's a colloquial expression, to be used more with friends, with your family, with colleagues you are close to.

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So my eye. Often it is accompanied by this gesture. My eye. You put your finger right here. My eye.

This expression, it's a bit ironic, so, it's not to be taken at face value, it means, "but of course!"

You want to show that you don't believe what someone tells you. You don't believe what the person you are talking to is telling you.

You don't believe what she says. You are not stupid. You are not gullible. You know it's not true. That she is lying. Here's some background. I think you'll understand right away.

Laura has a big house in Paris and a Ferrari. And she tells me she earns minimum wage. My eye! Like I said, we'll use it to show that we don't believe in something. For us, it's not true.

The second expression is not really familiar, it's more of a common, neutral language. This expression is "to have the eyes bigger than the stomach".

This expression is used to say that we have taken more to eat, we have ordered for example more to eat than we can really fit in our belly, in our stomach.

We had the impression, for example, that we were very hungry. And in the end, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. I ordered three burgers because I was so hungry and I could only eat one. My eyes were bigger than my stomach.

The third expression is also a rather neutral, rather common language. It is "to do something with your eyes closed". When you do something with your eyes closed, it means that you are able to do something automatically.

Even with your eyes closed, you could do it, you don't think, you don't hesitate. I could change the wheel of my car with my eyes closed. You can also use closed eyes to say that you trust someone or something. I trust him with my eyes closed.

So this person has my full trust. For example, I can say I trust my daughter to her nanny with my eyes closed. She has all my trust.

And finally, the fourth expression we're going to look at today is a colloquial expression, so again, use it more with your loved ones. It's "to poke in the eye". Punch... punch. It's like something or someone hits the eye. You can say it for an object or for a person.

We use it to say that we really liked someone or something.

A dress in this store caught my eye. I think I will buy it. You liked this dress very much, you flashed on it, we can also say in French.

It's also a colloquial expression, but it's a synonym for "getting in your eye.

This boy really caught my eye. I'm going to ask him out for a drink. You were seduced by this boy, by his appearance. You liked him.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed these expressions.

We saw two colloquial and two more common language so that you can really expand, enrich your vocabulary.

If you liked this video, of course, put a "like" and above all, subscribe and activate the bell so you don't miss any of my videos.

See you soon.

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