Talk about your work in French

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Talk about your work in French

When you meet someone for the first time, for example at a party. What you do for a living, what your profession is, is one of the first questions you'll be asked. It's a very easy subject to start chatting with someone about. So it's important that you're comfortable with this topic in French.

Someone may ask you... What do you do for a living, or what do you do for a living? Or if there's a context, there are several people and others have already started talking about their jobs, they might simply ask you... And what do you do? This is really one of the most basic conversations you can have with a stranger in French.

In fact, this is exactly the first dialogue you can listen to and work on in my online course 50 everyday dialogues to boost your French comprehension. I launched this course a few months ago because I know you love learning and improving your French with everyday conversations, dialogues that the French really have in their everyday lives.

In this course, you work on your French with 50 audios that come with quizzes to test your comprehension, transcriptions and vocabulary cards to really anchor all those words in your brain over the long term. If you're interested, you'll find all the info in the video description.

When you talk about your job or someone else's job, you don't put a determiner in front of the job name. This is a mistake I hear every day from people learning French. Obviously, it's not a very serious mistake, but it's always better if you don't make it. For example, I'll say... Marion Cotillard est actrice and not Marion Cotillard est une actrice. You remove the determiner when you're talking directly about someone's profession, when in fact that profession is used to qualify the person. I'll also say... You're a dentist. Or I'm an online French teacher.

You've just heard it. When you have to introduce yourself, introduce your profession, you can simply say... I am and then the name of the profession.

If you want to be a little vague, if you don't want to go into too much detail, you can also say... I work in... And then give the sector you work in, the field you work in. For example, I work in the medical field. Or I work in education.

If you work for a well-known company, you can also simply say I work for... Google, for example. Rather than give your job title, explain exactly what you do. For example, you could even say... I work in marketing for Google. You've got the field and the company.

That's it, this video is over. I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked this video, please put lots of j'aime.

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