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In this video, I take you with me into the kitchen. I'll be cooking a breakfast for Valentine's Day and I'll show you what I'm doing while explaining cooking and breakfast related vocabulary words.

Learn French while having fun is the best way to progress! Everyone in the kitchen!


Hello everyone. I hope you are well and that you are having a nice day. Today I'm going to offer you a little bit different video. I will take you with me in the kitchen. In a few days, it will be Valentine's Day, the occasion to please your lover. So we are going to cook a French breakfast together. So to start, I will squeeze an orange juice. To squeeze an orange juice I'm going to use: oranges. I'm going to take two, I think that will be enough to fill a glass.

I had already made a video on all the breakfast vocabulary in French, I'm going to put it on top so you have a second video on the same theme. I'm going to pour the orange juice I just squeezed into the glass.

Here's an orange juice to start with, I'll set it aside and we'll get on with making the rest of the breakfast. So, I'm going to make a little fruit salad now, so I'm going to do everything cold first and I'll do the hot stuff last so that it's still warm when it's served. Stay until the end because I'm going to teach you how to make French toast. It's a typical French recipe, it's called French toast.

For my fruit salad, I took an apple, a mandarin, a kiwi and a banana. It's a little old, it's a little brown, but I think it's still good. You can put any fruit you want in a fruit salad depending on where you live, seasonal fruit, it will always be good. A fruit salad is just a mix of fresh fruit. I'm moving on to the banana!

I peel the banana, that's how they say to remove the skin. I cut banana slices.

So I'm switching to apple. I'm only going to make half a piece, I think that will be enough.

And then the kiwi. I'll take, I'll take what's called a saver. It's easier to peel the skin off the fruit. I cut the kiwi into pieces and I'm going to put it all in a little bowl. So I put a little bit of kiwi, a little bit of tangerine, a little bit of banana. And some apple. We're going to mix it up a little bit. And then I'll put a little bit of lemon juice. If you have fresh lemons, that's better.

I'm going to use lemon, bottled juice because I don't have any lemon. So I put a little bit of lemon and I'll mix it. The little fruit salad is ready. I made a little too much fruit, I'll keep it to make a second bowl a little later. Then I also went to buy a croissant. It's a pastry, croissants, it's typically French, I'm sure you've already heard about it. It's a bit complicated to make them by yourself, so I went to the bakery to get it. So I also went to the bakery to get a baguette. The baguette is a typical French bread. I'm going to cut some pieces of it. At breakfast, we often eat it with butter or jam.

I'm going to put a little bowl in to make it pretty.

Then I'll put everything on a tray. I'll show you, I'll put it all on a tray like this, to make my partner breakfast in bed. While we're on the Valentine's Day theme, I'll just explain. I say my partner, so generally, that's what you say when you're an adult, but you're not married. So, we say my partner and my companion. When you are married, you say my husband and wife or my husband, my wife.

And when you are a little bit younger, when you are a teenager or when you are still a student, you will say my boyfriend or my girlfriend for the girls. Here I took a little bit of jam, here I took cherry and orange, but you can take the flavors that you prefer.

I'm also going to make a little bowl where I'm going to put cottage cheese, it's like yogurt with a little muesli, cereal. A little bit of cottage cheese and I'll put some muesli on top.

Let's tackle French toast. Why do we call it French toast? We call it French toast because we have to take bread that is a little old. I think, that you don't see well but it is not fresh. It's from the day before or the day before, a few days ago. This recipe, it was invented to not throw away the bread, to not waste it. That's why they call it French toast.

This is bread that would have been thrown away, that would have been thrown in the garbage if we hadn't made this recipe, because it's no longer fresh.

I'm going to make a recipe today for two people, because I want to eat them too.

So for this, you need two slices of bread that are a few days old. If you want to make this recipe and you only have fresh bread, you can put it in the toaster a little bit to harden it up. Because if it's too soft, it won't work. If it's too fresh, it will be too crumbly. So I need my bread, eggs...

I took two eggs, milk, powdered sugar or if you have cane sugar, that's fine too. You'll see it's a really simple recipe. And all these ingredients wherever you are in the world, I think you can find them to make French toast. I'm going to break my eggs.

In a bowl. And two. I mix it up a bit. I'm going to need about 130 milliliters of milk, more or less. After that, you can adapt the recipe depending on how many people you are. Here I make it for two people.

So I take my measuring cup, mix the milk with the eggs. I mix it again and then I'm going to need plus or minus 25 grams of sugar. We'll weigh it on the scale.

Mixing. You can also mix with a whisk if you want, but a fork is fine. There's not a lot of ingredients. It's pretty easy. The mixture is ready.

So now I'm going to need a pan that I'm going to put a little bit of butter in you can put about 10 grams. I'm going to need a soup plate. In my soup plate, I'm going to pour my mixture. You could have already done it in the soup plate, it's just that mine isn't very suitable for putting on the scale. I'm going to heat the butter in the pan. I take a small plate to put my French toast on. When the butter is melted, you take your bread, which is a bit stale, and you dip it in the liquid that we have prepared. It must be soaked. Here are my slices of bread, they are well soaked. And I come to put them in the frying pan on the butter.

Two by two. You see, I put them like this. You have to let them cook for about two minutes on each side. I take them out of the pan, I put them in my little plate. I leave for a second batch, you can add a little butter, but you don't have to. The butter is mostly to keep them from sticking and to make them a little bit softer.

While it finishes cooking, I'm going to make a little coffee in this HelloFrench cup. Generally, in the morning in France, we'll have a tea or a coffee. And the children, they will rather drink cocoa or chocolate in milk.

So here we are, we have our French toast. So you can eat them like that or you can put a little bit of sugar on top. I usually put a little bit of sugar on top. You can also put a little bit of jam, you can choose. You can also put a little bit of fresh fruit, we had some left over from the fruit salad. It's delicious on French toast. If you like it, you can even put a little whipped cream. The coffee is ready now, all I have to do is set up my tray. On my tray I'm going to put my French toast, I'm going to prepare a little plate where I'm going to put a little butter, because we love to eat butter for breakfast with my jams and my baguette cut into pieces. My coffee, my fruit salad, my muesli with cottage cheese, my orange juice, the croissant I went to the bakery to get. And since it's Valentine's Day, I'm going to add a little flower to make my tray even prettier.

And here it is, ready. I hope you liked this video, that now you are ready to prepare, to cook a French breakfast. If you liked this video, don't forget to put a like. And if you are new, think of subscribing to the channel to receive all my videos. I wish you a very nice Valentine's Day if you celebrate it. And I say to you very soon.

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