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In this video, we will see together 12 love expressions used in French. These expressions are widely used in France and can be very useful if you want to speak French better.

List of expressions

  • Falling in love with someone
  • To have a love at first sight
  • Falling for someone
  • Beat the drum
  • Putting the ring on your finger
  • Having butterflies in your stomach
  • Have a heart of artichoke
  • Being a blue flower
  • Saying sweet words
  • Spinning the perfect love
  • Find your soul mate
  • Declare your love


Hello, this is Elisabeth from HelloFrench! I hope you're doing well and that your French learning is going well. So today, we're going to look at 12 expressions in French that talk about love. So we're going to look at these expressions together and I'm going to explain them to you and give you examples so that you can use them.

So, the first expression is probably the most used, it's "falling in love". So when we say that we fall in love with someone or that we fall in love with a girl, we mean that it is the moment when we realize that we love a person, that we are in love with this person.

So, suddenly, we realize that we love her. So, for example, you could say "I fell in love with you the first time I saw you." So, as soon as you saw that person, you felt love for them. Or, you could say "Paul falls in love with every girl with green eyes". So as soon as he sees a girl with green eyes, he feels that he loves her. So the second expression is "to have a crush".

So, lightning in French is when there is a storm, it's lightning. So, when we say "avoir un coup de foudre", it's because we have the impression that we are struck by lightning. So, it's actually the moment when you fall in love with someone, but not just any person. In fact, it's when you fall in love with a stranger, with someone at the first meeting. For example, you could say "Romeo fell in love with Juliet at first sight", or "I fell in love with a boy at the train station, I'm sure he's the man for me".

It was a stranger and you had a complete crush on this person. The next expression is "to put the ring on the finger" or "to have the ring on the finger." It's an expression that means you're getting married, so, to put the ring on your finger or you're married to have the ring on your finger.

For example, you could say "after ten years of relationship, I'm finally going to put a ring on my girlfriend's finger", so you're finally going to marry her. With the expression avoir la bague au doigt, you could say it's been 15 years since I had the ring on my finger and it's not about to stop, we are still madly in love with my husband.

The next expression is "heartbeat". So when we say my heart is pounding, we are saying that our heart is pounding very, very fast. For example, if I say my heart is racing when I meet someone, it means that my heart is racing, that I am attracted to this person, so I have feelings for him. So, for example, we could say that Paul has a heartbeat whenever he meets Caroline, he has a lot of feelings for her, he really likes her.

The next expression is "to have a heart of artichoke". So, an artichoke in French is a vegetable. So it's a green vegetable that has a lot of leaves and we're going to detach all the leaves from the vegetable to get to the heart and its heart is the tastiest part, it's the best part of this vegetable. So, when we say that someone has an artichoke heart, we say that he falls in love very quickly and very often. So, for example, we could say "Paul has a real artichoke heart, all he has to do is smile at a girl and he falls in love".

The next expression is "to be a blue flower". When we say that someone is a blue flower, we mean that he is a very sentimental person, very romantic. So, for example, we could say "he is really blue, he put candles everywhere in the apartment and rose petals on the floor for his girlfriend, he is very romantic" or we could say "she likes her boyfriend to read her poems every night, she is really blue, she is very sentimental.

The next expression is "having butterflies in your stomach". When we say that we have butterflies in our stomach, it's because we have the impression to feel physically in our body the love we have for someone. The feelings we have for someone, for example, we can say "I am very much in love with this boy, as soon as I see him, I have butterflies in my stomach" or on the contrary, I could say "I don't have butterflies in my stomach anymore, I think I am not in love anymore".

The next expression is "to fall for someone". So when we say we have a crush on someone, it means that we are attracted to this person, we have fallen under her charm, we have feelings for her. So, for example, we could say "Paul has a crush on Caroline, he's going to invite her for a drink" so he's attracted to her, he's starting to feel feelings, he has a little something for her.

The next expression is "to say sweet words". So sweet words are words of love, words, romantic things. So, when we say sweet words to each other, we say nice things to each other with the person we are in a relationship with.

So, for example, you could say he talks down to me all day, he keeps telling me I'm beautiful and that I'm the one. The next expression is "making love". So when we say we're in perfect love with someone, we're saying that we're in a very good relationship, that we're very happy with this person, that everything is going perfectly. That everything is going very well. For example, we could say "I am in perfect love with my boyfriend, everything is perfect since we met".

The penultimate expression is to find the soul mate or to look for the soul mate. So the soul mate, in French, it would be the person who would be destined for us. The perfect person for us who exists in the world. So, often, we look for the soul mate, we try to find it. For example, I could say "when I met this boy, I immediately knew that he was my soul mate, indeed, we understand each other without speaking and I had the impression to know him since always", I really found the soul mate, my half".

Finally, the last expression that we will see today is "declare your love". When we declare our love to someone, we reveal our love for him, we reveal our feelings, so we will tell someone you love them or that you are attracted to him. So, for example, you could say "this boy has finally declared his love for me, I've been waiting for this for a very long time, I was in love with him too".

That's it for today, I hope you liked this video, don't hesitate to like it if you did. If you want to discover other expressions, subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you want to have more information about the expressions we just saw or to have the written definitions of these expressions, I invite you to go to our website www.hellofrench.com.

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