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Hi everyone.

Welcome to this new video.

Today, we will see together three French expressions that will be very useful if you come on vacation in France or if you meet French people this summer on the beach.

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Let's start with the first expression of the day.

It is a rather familiar expression, we will rather use it with our friends or family, or with colleagues to whom we may be close.

It's "it hits" or "it hits".

If you hear someone on the beach say it's hitting or banging, they are talking about the sun. He means the sun is beating down or banging down. It means that it's very hot and you can really feel the heat of the sun on you.

We feel that the heat of the sun is very intense, so it gives the impression that we are hit by the sun, knocking because knocking is a synonym for hitting in colloquial language.

So we are hit by the sun. It's a rather graphic expression. So the sun is very strong. It hits, it bangs. So you have to protect yourself. Put on some sun cream.

This leads us to the second phrase. If the sun is beating down and you haven't put on sunscreen, you could get a sunburn. Coup de soleil is simply the expression used in French to talk about sunburn.

Sunburns that you can get on your skin. For example, I could say I was in the sun for 3 hours on the beach without putting on sunscreen.

I have sunburn all over my body. If you're sunburned, it could be because you've been lying on the beach all day tanning.

A synonym for tanning is the expression to gild the pill. A pill is normally a medicine. But there is this expression which is also quite familiar, which is to gild the pill.

I've been gilding my loins all day at the beach.

It just means you've been sitting in the sun tanning.

That's it for today. I hope in any case that at home, the weather is nice and sunny and that you can use these expressions.

See you soon for a new video.

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