Household chores: 25 French vocabulary words

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Household chores: 25 French vocabulary words

Hi everyone!

This is Elizabeth.

Welcome to another French video. Today, we're going to talk about a subject that can cause arguments in couples... It's the household.

We're going to learn in French 25 words or expressions to talk about the different household chores in French. As usual, you can download the free vocabulary worksheet for this lesson by clicking on the link in the description.

The first word we're going to look at is the verb ranger. We can also say tidy up. It's simply a matter of putting things back where they belong. When there's a mess, you tidy it up. Here, for example, I've got some papers lying around and I'm going to put them away in the box. Tidying up is generally the first step before cleaning.

So it makes sense that when you want to clean, you first have to put everything in its place. So cleaningIt means using products to make a place clean. Here, for example, I'm cleaning the table.

We can also take dust.

Dust collectionIn fact, it means removing dust.

So we can pass a cloth.

You can also apply product and say... We're dusting.

Once you've done the dusting, you can start by sweeping your apartment floor. ScanYou can also say sweep. You see, here I have a broom, so it's a miniature broom. I can sweep. Usually, a broom is bigger, but here we only have a vacuum cleaner.

It's the modern version of the broom. With a vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum. We have a cordless, cordless vacuum cleaner. And by the way, you could also call this a stick vacuum cleaner.

Because you see, it's shaped more like a broom. Once there's no more dust on the floor, once there's no more dirt, you can pass the room, pass the room. Or pass the mop. We can also say again, in more colloquial language, simply "make the part“.

So you usually have a bucket. Here, I have my mop. I put it in the water and then I pass the piece, I pass the mop.

Another household chore is watering the plants. Watering plantsWatering means putting water on the plants to give them something to drink. I water the plants.

I open the window and shakes the carpets to remove dust, shake a carpet or shake the carpets. Another household chore is window cleaning or clean windows. Here, I throw in the garbage can. Throw away. Talking of garbage cans, you can also emptying garbage cans. I empty the garbage can, so that means I take the bag out and close it. And by the way, when I take the bag and go outside with it, I say I'm going to take it out. take out the trash. See you in a minute, I'll take out the rubbish and after I've taken out the rubbish, I'll put on a new rubbish bag. You see here, we have two garbage cans because we do waste sorting. We sort. This means separating waste for recycling.

Of course, there are a lot of people who love to cook, who enjoy cookingbut it's also a household chore cooking, cooking.

One household task that children are often asked to do is set the table. Can you set the table? This means placing the plates, cutlery and glasses on the table to prepare the meal. Setting the table is often seen as a simple way of involving children in domestic tasks.

After the meal, it's time to clear the table. Clearing the tableThis means removing plates, cutlery, glasses and any other objects used during the meal to clean the table. This can include ranger things in the dishwasher or wash them by hand.

Talk about doing the disheswhether by hand or using a dishwasher, is a must. Washing up by hand involves washing utensils, plates and cutlery with soap and water, then rinsing and drying them. If you're lucky enough to have a dishwasher, then you're talking about filling the dishwasher with the items to be cleaned, and then, once the cycle is complete, to emptying the dishwasher.

Another task mentioned is watering plants. This involves supplying water to indoor or outdoor plants to enable them to grow healthily. Watering plants is often part of the daily or weekly routine of caring for your living space.

Shaking the carpets is also an important household task. It removes the dust and dirt that accumulate over time. It's an action that helps maintain a clean and pleasant domestic environment.

Last but not least do the windows. Clean windows let in more light and improve the overall appearance of the home. This involves using a glass cleaner and a cloth or squeegee to remove streaks and dirt.

That's it, we've covered all the important household chores. Maybe you know of others, or do others at home. If so, don't hesitate to share your French vocabulary in the comments. It will enrich everyone's knowledge. And if housework isn't your favorite activity, but you still enjoyed this video, don't forget to like it. It means a lot to me. And if you're not yet a subscriber, subscribe so you don't miss any of my French videos.

See you soon for another lesson!

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