How "DE" in French can TOTALLY CHANGE the meaning of a sentence + BONUS

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How "DE" in French can TOTALLY CHANGE the meaning of a sentence + BONUS

Transcript of the video

I missed my best friend's birthday party because I was working that day.

That means I couldn't go. I was absent.

Hi everyone! I hope you are well and ready for a new French video.

Today, we will see together the difference between missing something and missing something.

At the end of the video, we will also see two other uses of the verb miss.

We will see someone miss and miss someone.

Before starting, don't hesitate to activate the French or English subtitles if you need them.

If I'm talking a little too fast for you or a little too slow, feel free to change the speed of the video.

If you are new to the channel, I am Elisabeth.

Every week, I post videos to help you progress in French.

In French, as in all other languages, there are expressions and it only takes one tiny word to slip into that expression or sentence to completely change the meaning of the expression or sentence.

That's why today we're going to see the difference between missing something and missing FROM something.

Let's start with missing something. When we miss something, it literally means that we miss something or in more familiar French, that we miss something.

In English, we could say missing something.

To miss something or to miss something, to miss something, means that you have failed or that you have been absent, that you are not where you should be.

I will give you some examples. This will help you understand better.

First example. I missed the highway exit, I was not paying attention, I will take the next one.

I was on the highway and I didn't get out where I should have gotten out.

So I missed, I missed the exit.

I missed my best friend's birthday party because I was working that day.

That means I couldn't go.

I was absent.

For example, if you are playing golf. And you hit the ball with the club, you can say I missed the hole.

It means you failed or missed, you sent the ball wide, but not to the right place.

Now, lacking something means that you don't have enough of something, that you don't have enough of something, that you have something, but not enough.

In English, I think you could say "being short of something".

I will give you some examples so that you understand.

I am running out of flour to make a cake.

It means I have flour, but I don't have enough.

I lack the skills for this job.

It means I have skills, but I don't have enough skills to do this job.

So let me recap, missing something means you failed, you were absent.

Whereas lacking something means that you don't have enough of something that you don't have that thing in large enough quantities.

Let's move on to the two little bonus phrases, the difference between missing someone and missing To someone.

If someone misses me, it means that they would like to see me more often or want me to be with them.

For example, I can say that my sister misses me a lot since I live in France.

My sister misses me.

While missing someone means that a person is absent.

For example, if I am with a group of friends and one person is absent, I can say that Veronique is missing, she is in the bathroom.

So Véronique is not there at this time.

Missing someone can also be used in the same way as missing something.

If I want to say that I wanted to shoot someone and I missed, but it's only in the case that you're going to consider someone as a target to be shot at.

This is possible in a game, for example, if you are playing dodgeball and you throw the ball at someone to eliminate them, you can say I missed Lucas.

So that means you didn't manage to shoot him.

So, missing someone is either because someone is not there, or it's because you targeted them and missed them, you missed them.

That's it for today.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

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See you soon.

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