Bathroom vocabulary in French: 50 words (basic to advanced)

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Bathroom vocabulary in French: 50 words (basic to advanced)

Transcript of the video

Today, we're going to take a look at the vocabulary of this room. A few weeks ago, I made a video on the vocabulary of kitchen objects. You loved that video, so I'm reposting it above. And so today, I've decided to do the same thing in the bathroom.

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Let's start with the object behind me. Here we have the bathtub. In a bathroom, you can have a bathtub or a shower.

Here we have a shower curtain. This is to prevent water from spilling all over the bathroom floor. Here we have a faucet. And this is called a shower head.

Here, when you turn the tap, you get hot and cold water. Behind, we have shampoos like this. And shower gel. To wash, we usually use shower gel or soap like this. By the way, this thing you can put your soaps in is called a soap dish. Quite simply. Because it's used to hold soap.

This piece of furniture is called a vanity unit. Here, we can even say a double basin because we have two sinks. So it's a double basin.

Once again, we find the faucet. Here we have a toothbrush, a classic toothbrush, and here we have an electric toothbrush, an electric toothbrush.

Here, we have toothpaste. In fact, we need to buy some more. Toothpaste to put on the toothbrush. And here's what we call a cup. Here we have a soap dispenser for washing hands, and then choosing between solid and liquid soap.

And we have the soap dispenser right here. When you press it, soap comes out. Here, you see, is my pair of glasses. And here's what's called a toiletry bag. Generally, you take it when you go on a trip, when you leave your house, your apartment, and you put your toiletries in it, in your toiletry bag.

Here we have a mirror. A mirror maybe we see Mathieu in. "Cuckoo!" Here we have cotton swabs. Here we have a comb. This is Mathieu's comb for combing his hair. Here we have a brush or hairbrush for brushing hair.

We have nail clippers that we use to cut our nails. It's pretty simple. Here we have a razor. A razor that Mathieu uses to shave his beard.

Here, by the way, we have shaving foam, shaving foam, but foam on your face and then you shave. And here, still for shaving, we have clippers, electric clippers.

Perfume. Make-up remover, make-up remover to remove make-up. I also have contact lens cleaner. This is the product you use to wash your lenses. And by the way, here I have a lens box in which I keep my contact lenses.

Right now, they're on my eyes, but I keep my contact lenses in this lens box. Here I also have a hair clip. I tie my hair back when I shower. Here I have a hair elastic, or rather a scrunchie.

Normally, a hair elastic is thinner. Here, it's bulkier, so we'll call it a scrunchie. In the drawers here, I have a hair dryer that I use to dry my hair.

It's pretty simple. I also have a straightener, a hair straightener. We've got the laundry basket or the dirty laundry basket, with the dirty laundry inside, the laundry that needs to be washed. By the way, right next to it, you see, I have my washing machine.

You could also say a washing machine, a washing machine. Some people also have a tumble dryer to dry clothes after washing.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough room here. Here, you see, we have our bath towels, towels to dry ourselves when we get out of the shower.

And if we have more towels, clean towels. And if you have a towel rack. So I could have put the towel like this to dry.

In this cupboard, I also have, for example, deodorant. I also have nail polish to put on my nails. And nail polish remover. This is what you use to remove nail varnish, and you usually use absorbent cotton.

Either to remove make-up, or to remove nail polish with nail polish remover. We have thermometers, thermometers to take your temperature when you're... When you're feeling ill.

And then the object I hate the most from the bathroom and I think everyone hates the most on earth. It's a scale.

You could also call it a bathroom scale. It's to see if you've put on weight while on vacation in Italy. And finally, the last item for today is a rug or bath mat. Well, I think that's all there is to this room.

I hope you enjoyed this video and learned some new vocabulary.

Don't forget to download the card to revise, to review these words and of course, put a thumb up if you liked the video and I say to you very soon.

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