French vocabulary test about party ­čÄë // Are you ready to party in France?

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French vocabulary test about party ­čÄë // Are you ready to party in France?


Hello everyone. Welcome to this new French lesson. Today, I propose you to do a vocabulary test on the world of parties. The beginning of the school year is approaching and every year, many foreign students come to study in France or to do Erasmus.

Of course, you come here to study, but when you are a student, partying is also part of the experience. I propose you today a test to see if you are ready to party in France.

Let's start with the first question. We start by taking some beers in a bar and around 1 am, we will go dancing in...


The right answer is "we'll go dancing in a box". Literally in English, box means box. I know that very often, non-native speakers are taught to use the word "disco". Go to a disco. But in reality, it is a word that is not used at all by young people anymore. It is rather the older generations that will use it. Our grandparents. Today, we say "go to a club".

I drank too much yesterday, I can't get up this morning. My stomach and head hurt. I have...

The correct answer is "hangover". A hangover is a word used to talk about the head of an animal. In colloquial language, we also use the word "hangover" to refer to a person's face. A hangover literally means that your face is made of wood.

Question three. I think Matthias is very handsome. I'm going to ask him... after class to meet him. I'm going to ask him for a drink...

The correct answer is A. I'm going to offer him a drink. When we talk about a glass, we are simply talking about the empty or full object. You can also ask someone to go for a beer, to go for a coffee, but this is a way of speaking. If someone invites you to have a beer or a coffee, you can of course choose another drink.

Question four. I'm having a ... at my house tonight. I've invited 40 people. Can you bring some beers and chips? ....

The correct answer is C. I'm having a party at my house tonight. Teuf is the verlan of party. Verlan is a way of speaking in French that consists of reversing the syllables. For example, "cimer" instead of "merci".

Question five. It was good... at Justine's. At the beginning, we were supposed to have a big party with 40 people, but finally we were 10. We still had a great time! ....

The correct answer is B. It was a good evening at Justine's. The word party is used to refer to just about any activity you can do in the evening, indoors or outdoors. It can be a big party, like a dinner with friends. We can talk about a party.

Question six. We take ... before going to the restaurant. I have pastis and ros├ę. I also have olives, sausage and cheese. ...

The correct answer is C, have an aperitif. We usually have an aperitif in France, before lunch or before dinner. We will have a drink and generally chips, olives, sausage, things to nibble.

Question seven. Thibault drank too much alcohol at the party. He was drunk. Yes, he was really...

The correct answer is A, drunk. Drunk is a slang expression, in colloquial language, to say drunk, to say that someone had drunk too much alcohol.

Question eight. I've just been hired after my internship, I'm very happy. Let's meet at the bar, I'll buy you a drink, I'll pay... ...

The correct answer is A. I'm buying a round. When you buy a round of drinks, you buy everyone a drink, at least the people you are with. That doesn't necessarily mean you buy a drink for everyone in the bar. But if you're a group of five friends, you buy all five drinks.

Question nine. I'm going to order from the bar. Would you like a small beer? No, I'd rather have ... please. I'd rather....

The correct answer is C. A pint. A pint is a big beer, it's a 50 centilitre beer. There is a bit of a trap in France because when you order a half pint, you are really ordering a 25 centilitre beer. A half pint is a half pint and not a half liter as you might think. So in France, a half is a 25 centilitre beer and a pint is a 50 centilitre beer.

Question ten. Claudia has too much ... last night she was drunk. She drank six pints. ...

The correct answer is D. Picoler.

Question eleven. I'm going shopping for the party. Can you pick up some... for me and I'll pay you back? Yeah, sure, do you prefer gin or rum? ...

The correct answer is B. You can have some tee for me. Tees is a slang word that young people use to talk about alcohol. So don't say that in a restaurant, for example, it's a word that young people will use with each other.

Question twelve I'll buy my round of... No thanks. I don't like to drink out of hand. ...

The correct answer is C. From shooters. Shooters are shots in English. They are small glasses that you drink in one go. So drinking in one go means drinking in one go.

Question thirteen. I just found an apartment in Lyon. Congratulations! I'm getting out the champagne, let's toast! ...

The correct answer is D. Cheers. Sant├ę is the word we use in France when we toast something. You can say either sant├ę, or tchin tchin, or both together.

Question fourteen. The club closes at 2:00 a.m. but we go to my place afterwards to do...

The correct answer is C. An after party.

Question fifteen. I feel like ... tonight, but I don't know if I'd rather go to the theater, the movies, or have drinks.

The correct answer is B. I want to go out tonight. The verb "to go out" is used to talk about activities that you want to do outside your home. Going out to a club, going to the theater, going out for drinks, for example.

This is already the end of this quiz. I hope you enjoyed it.

Feel free to comment on how many points out of fifteen you have.

See you soon.

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