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See you at "wat" tonight for the party?

I always come across "teubers", it's really "ouf"! It's too "wicked", frankly.

Do you know verlan? Verlan is a part of the French slang.

Verlan consists in inverting two syllables of a word, sometimes even changing some vowels.

Welcome to this new video, I hope you are in good shape. Today, we are going to see together seven French words in slang. These words, you may have already heard them in movies, in series, while watching TV or simply if you have friends who speak French, who are native.

Not everyone uses verlan, it's more of a colloquial language since it's slang and will be used more by young people in France.

Let's start right away with the first word, or rather the first two words. It's "wam" and "wat".

"Wam" is simply me. And "wat" is just you. So if I say we're going to wat's or wam's, it means we're going to your place or my place.

Whose bag is this? Someone can answer me it's wam's, to say it's mine.

Second word, being "worshipped". If I say I'm "worshipping", it means I'm pissed.

You see, the two syllables are reversed. Enervated, venerable. It's a word that's used a lot when speaking in slang. I missed my train to Paris. I was pissed off all afternoon because of that. I'm too vengeful on my sister, she put on my sweater without asking me.

Cimer. Cimer, I don't know if you recognize the two syllables that are reversed, but it's thank you. In verlan, when you want to thank someone, you can simply say "cimer", instead of saying thank you.

You can also use it in a slightly ironic tone. For example, if someone says to you "ah you got a little fat? No". You can, answer "Cimer, it feels good, at least the compliment"

Whew! It's crazy. Whew! It's used either negatively or positively, but a bit like the word crazy.

You can say that someone and wow! To say that it is an extraordinary person, that it is a great person. I've seen Celine Dion in concert, she's really crazy.

To say that it is really extraordinary. But on the other hand, you can say, for example, he didn't stop at the red light, he's really a wacky motorist.

Somebody or something that's teabagged.

It means it's something silly in verlan. For example, I can say it's really dumb what you say, the Martians will never come to Earth. Thibault is really dumb. I asked him how much was 2+2 and he said 5. He's really dumb !

Dopey. You can either say that something is dull or that someone is dull. Rough is the opposite of heavy. When something is heavy, it's boring, it's boring to use another word in colloquial language.

It's a real drag to have to travel four hours on the train with crying children next door. It's something that's hard to bear, it's boring. It is also used, for example, for a task that is boring to do, that is boring. I have to do my accounting, it's really boring.

Or if, for example, when I'm at a party, it's always guys that I'm not interested in, who come and talk to me for hours. I can say I always attract the relous.

And the last word that we are going to see to speak to us about the party, it is the party. The party is a word that we use all the time in colloquial language, it's a slang word to talk about the party. I went to a party on Saturday night. Or I partied with my friends.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed discovering these slang words. If you liked this video, put a "like". Tell me in comments if you want me to make other videos where I teach you slang words or more generally French slang words.

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