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In this video, I tell you about my vacation in French. The goal is to show you how I talk about my vacation so that you can be inspired to do the same. Telling your vacation story is a great exercise to improve your French.


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What did we eat for the first time on the island we visited?
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Hello to all of you. I hope that you are doing well and that your learning of French is going well.

So today, I will tell you about my vacations in French. The goal of this video is for you to learn new expressions, new phrases, new vocabulary so that you too can tell your vacation in French. Don't hesitate to comment the words or expressions you don't understand so that I can explain them to you. You can also go to to find the transcript of the video, so the text of the video, the vocabulary associated with the video, so I'll explain all the useful words to tell your vacations in French. And also, you can find a quiz to test your understanding of what I'm going to tell you about my vacations. Last year, I went on vacation in Bulgaria. I went with a friend. We made a road trip in the whole country by car. I I left Parisso I have flew in in Paris to go to Sofia and my friend was taking off of Brussels.

I was the first to arrive at the airport of Sofia. Once I have retrieved my suitcaseI have been buy a metro ticket to go to the city center. Once in the center of Sofia, I used Google Maps to find the hotel that we had booked. At the hotel, I went to the reception and I spoke with the person at the front desk who gave me the keys to the room and who also gave me a map of the city.

We talked a bit, she told me about the sites to visit, of barsof restaurants that could be nice. I took advantage of the day by myself to walk around, to start visit the city waiting for my friend. In the evening, when she joined me, we went to a restaurant that I had booked during the day. We started by having a cocktail and I was able to tell him about my discoveries about the city. We spent three days in Sofia visiting the different cultural sites: museums, churches, parks and to walk around.

We also have tasted to many local specialties. At the end of the three days, we then rented a car to begin to visit the country and especially go to the sea. On the way to the sea, we stopped to visit different villages, different towns or monuments.

For example, we stopped in a town called Veliko Tarnovo to visit a medieval fortress. We also visited on top of a hill a monument dating from the communist era that looked like a huge flying saucer. Once we arrived at the sea, we stopped in the city of Balchik.

It is a very touristic city, because there is a castle, the castle of the former queen of Romania. She used to spend her vacations at the sea in this city. The castle is surrounded by a huge botanical garden and both the gardens and the castle overlook the beach and the sea. It is really beautiful. Then we went to a seaside resort for a few days. The goal was really to enjoy the beach. So we mostly tannedalways with Sunscreen and an umbrella.

In the evening, we made walks by the sea and we dined in restaurants having cocktails or eating ice cream on the seaside. We then went to an islandor rather a peninsula. It is a very very touristBut once we found some small streets with calm, it was really very pretty. So, we spent one evening on this peninsula where we had dinner in a restaurant which overhung the sea.

It was really beautiful and above all, we could taste our first and famous Bulgarian yogurt. It was really delicious. Then, we took the car again and we went for two days in the second biggest city of the country, Plovdiv. There was not much to visit, but we liked the atmosphere very much. There were a lot of young people, a lot of small bars, small restaurants on the terrace. Then, we took the car back to Sofia to return the car to the rental agency.

We then took advantage of the few hours we had left to go back to the places we had loved before going back to the airport to take our flights.

I hope you enjoyed this video, that you were able to learn some new vocabulary about the vacations. New words. Feel free to like this video if you liked it and follow the channel to see other videos. See you soon and have a good vacation!

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