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Hello everyone, I hope you are well and that your learning French always goes very well. Today, we're going to see together some French expressions, some pictorial expressions, some idiomatic expressions with fruits and vegetables. There are many, many expressions in French with fruits or vegetables. I made a selection of 15 expressions, the 15 that I personally use the most in my daily life.

Before starting, remember to activate the subtitles, it will be easier for you to understand the video and remember the expressions we will see together. If you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing to receive all my videos.

Let's start with the first expression. Fainting. I fainted this afternoon. I didn't have time to eat lunch, I had a blood pressure drop, I had a hypoglycemic attack.

I can't stand to see blood every time I see someone bleeding, I pass out.

Fainting means to faint. To lose consciousness, one makes a fainting spell.

The second expression is "being squeezed like a lemon." At work, I feel really squeezed like a lemon. I am asked to do a lot of tasks in a very, very short time, I feel very stressed. When you say you're squeezed like a lemon or someone says I'm squeezed like a lemon, it means they feel squeezed. When you squeeze a lemon, it's to get its juice.

We press it, we crush it. Here, it's the same thing. We feel like we are being oppressed, crushed to do something, until we take our last drop of energy, we take all our juice.

Cutting it in half. You sell your car for 2,000 euros. I have a budget of 1,500 euros. Maybe we can split the difference and I'll pay you 1,750 euros for the car. I would like to live in Paris and my husband would like to live in Marseille.

We're going to split the difference and move to Lyon. It's more or less in the middle. When we say that we cut the pear in two, it means that we try to find a solution that more or less suits both people. We try to create an agreement, to find a balanced solution that suits both people.

The next expression is "putting butter in the spinach". During the day, I work in a bookstore. I love books, but I get paid very little.

To put some butter in the spinach, in the evening, I also work a few hours in a bar. I sell on Vinted all the clothes that are too small for my baby. It's a bit of a chore. Putting butter in the spinach, it means doing something that allows you to earn a little more money, so you can improve your financial situation a little or even a lot.

A little on the nose. You are really good to me. Whenever I'm thirsty, you bring me a drink, whenever I'm hungry you feed me, whenever I'm cold you give me a sweater. You treat me really well. The footballer's injury has been treated very well by his physio. He will soon be able to go back on the field. To be treated with the small onions, to be looked after with the small onions, that means that we take really well care of us, we are taken care of, we are treated like a king or a queen.

To have a heart of artichoke. As soon as a girl smiles at Thomas, he falls in love with her, he's a real artichoke heart. Every time I watch a movie where there is a declaration of love, I start to cry, I am a real artichoke heart. When we say that someone is an artichoke heart, it means that he is very sensitive to love, to romance. That he can also fall in love very quickly. It's a little bit of a negative expression.

It can be used to say that the person is really too sensitive and falls in love too easily.

I'm either peachy, bananas or potatoes. This morning, I got up at 6 a.m. to go for a jog. I really feel good. Tonight I'm going out to a club. I feel like I'm going to be able to dance until the wee hours of the morning, I've got a lot of energy. Théo has really the banana today, it's a pleasure to see him happy, smiling and motivated.

To be peachy, banana or potato means to be in a good mood, to be motivated. No matter which of the three fruits or vegetables you choose, peach, banana or potato, it means the same thing. It means you are happy, in a good mood, motivated.

The following expression is the verb to wait. I've been waiting outside the restaurant for 20 minutes. What are you doing? Are you coming soon?

Carla made me wait for three hours, her train was late. The verb poireauter comes from the green vegetable leek. It's a verb used to say wait. Poireauter is really colloquial language, it's slang. Don't say to your boss who is late for a meeting "you made me wait for ten minutes". We use the image of a leek because it's an upright vegetable and it's like waiting like a peg.

The next expression is "bullshitting". My daughter tells me crap, she tells me she doesn't have a lover, but I see she keeps getting texts from a boy named Jimmy. I gained at least ten pounds during the lockdown. Don't bullshit me, you're still going to fit into a 36. Bullshit is telling lies, saying things that aren't true.

The following expression is half and half. Happy that school starts tomorrow?

I'm half in and half out. On the one hand, I'm happy to be with my friends and on the other hand, I'd rather be on vacation than go to school.

I'm a bit of a mixed bag on this dress. I really like the color, but I'm not so sure about the material of the dress. Half and half means being a bit mixed. On the one hand, we're happy. On the other hand, we are not very happy, so we are half satisfied, half dissatisfied. We are half fig, half grapes.

Have almond eyes. Claire has almond eyes, her look cracks me up. When we say that we have or that someone has almond eyes, it means that he has elongated eyes in the same shape as the fruit, as the almond.

A good sucker. I found a good sucker to drive me around to do my errands, wait for me in the parking lot and drive me home afterwards. I'm really a sucker. I agreed to do the shopping and all the cooking for my son's soccer team by myself. Being a sucker or when you say someone is a sucker, it means they are too nice.

That people can abuse this kindness, take advantage of the person. As we know that he is nice, as we know that the person is nice, we will take advantage of it. Generally, when we say that someone is a sucker, it's quite negative, it means that he is taken advantage of by others.

To take the melon or to have the melon. Since Theo got a promotion, he has really taken the melon, he has taken the big head. He doesn't even eat lunch with us anymore, he thinks he's better than us. Since you've been dating Brad Pitt, you've really got the melon. I admit it, but there's something to it. To have the melon or to have the melon, it means that you think you are better than the others, that you have a big ego, that you have the impression that you are above everybody. We are pretentious if we are a girl.

That's the end of the beans. If we're still confined in September 2021, that's really the end of the beans. If I lose my job, that's the end of the beans for me, I won't be able to pay my rent. When we say it's the end of the beans, it's really the end of the world, it's the end of everything. There is no hope anymore.

The last expression we're going to see today is "push the button". Step on it. We still have 600 kilometers to go, we'll never get there before dark if you keep driving that slow. Stepping on the gas is an expression that is used when you are in a car or in a bus, in a transport.

It means speed up. If you tell someone to step on the gas, you're saying go faster, speed up.

That's it for today. I hope you have learned some new expressions. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you liked it, don't forget to put a little like or a little comment. If you are new on the channel, don't forget to subscribe to receive all the videos.

See you soon for a new video.

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