Authentic conversation at a French restaurant

Do you understand this menu in French?

Transcript of the conversation:

Yann, the restaurateur: 

So you've still got some of today's specials. Today is Thursday.

Like every Thursday, a real beef tartare with a knife. I'll have it. 200 grams minimum.

As many oven-roasted potatoes and a green salad.

All right, it's €16 for this little Thursday tartare. The common core, what we're going to offer you every day.

Every day, it's three croque-monsieur of varying degrees of sophistication, as you'll see.

Two tarts that are in fact technically quiches, beautifully crafted quiches served generously and accompanied by a comfortable green salad.

Two big salads that have always opposed each other. We make you a big vegetarian salad facing a big carnivorous salad full of duck ok.

You've got to love duck: duck confit, dried duck breast, duck gizzards confit.

We have two soups in this season, each day with mushrooms which today faces a parsnip carrot coconut soup.

Parsnips, carrots, coconut milk or mushroom velouté. Cancale oysters, of course. We'll come back to the desserts later.

In detail, the croque-monsieur.

First, they're a modest size, which means a croque-monsieur might not be enough for you if you're hungry.

We even offer them in pairs, so you can appreciate the caliber.

Some people can take on two croque-monsieur. Given your caliber, my dear, I don't think so.

Client: No...

Yann, the restaurateur: Okay, I don't advise you. One is enough. Otherwise, my little formula at 12,50. 

Client: Yes !

Yann, the restaurateur: Yes, it's more balanced 

Client: Very good.

Yann, the restaurateur: since it's the croque-monsieur of your choice, a small portion of the soup of your choice and finally the vegetarian salad, here reduced to an intelligent proportion. Right, then. The soups of the day are mushroom velouté or parsnip carrot coconut. As for the croque-monsieur, ham and cheese, it's the daily croque. Good ham, good cheese. In second place, a croque-monsieur with fish, in this case cod, julienne, leeks, carrots, curry and fresh coriander. The ultimate, vegetarian.

We're on oven-roasted pear and butternut, some toasted hazelnuts and gorgonzola, that blue cheese, eh you know.

So it may seem a little divisive. In fact, it's perhaps the most popular croque-monsieur we've ever made. Right, then. And that's it. So, the croque-monsieur is available individually, in pairs or as a formula. For the "tetars", I told you it was a quiche la tarte. In fact, the first one will be a seasonal quiche.

Leek, cauliflower, chorizo. Today's vegetarian alternative: leek, carrot, celery, Saint-Marcellin cheese and a few pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and roasted pine nuts.

I think we've come full circle. 

Client: That's great! 

Yann, the restaurateur: I'll give you a minute to think about it.

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