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Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

Today, I'll meet you outside for a new French video.

Today, I propose you a video that is both a vlog and a French vocabulary.

Before you start, don't forget to activate the English or French subtitles if you need them. If I'm talking too fast or too slow for you, you can also speed up or slow down the speed of the video.

A few weeks ago, a subscriber asked me to make a video where I show you what's inside my handbag. You might think it's a video just for girls, but not at all, because in fact, it's a very good opportunity to review or learn new vocabulary in French, since I'm going to show you the different objects I have in my bag.

So, in my bag, I think like everyone else, I have of course my cell phone, my phone. You see, on my phone, I put a glitter shell.

It's the shell, it's what you put on your phone to protect it if it falls.

So, I obviously have a wallet. Before, I had a wallet, but it's true that it takes up more space, it's a bit bigger and it quickly takes up all the space in the bag, so I have a purse in which I put my bank cards, my identity card, a bit of all the necessary papers.

So I also always have with me... It's kind of tangled. A pair of headphones, a pair of headphones to plug into my phone. Always tied to the phone... I very often have my charger with me and I don't know about you, but I hate to be without a battery on my phone. So I very often have my charger with me so I can plug it in and recharge the battery.

Since it's winter, I have a pair of gloves with me. Usually, in the winter, when your hands get cold, you can either put on gloves. You see, there's...a space for each finger or mittens.

With mittens, there is a space for the thumb and it is a unique space for the other fingers, kind of like socks.

I also always have, and sometimes even have several. A scrunchie, a scrunchie. It's what you put in your hair. It's like a hair elastic, but a little more voluminous. I use this to tie my hair up. I also have in my bag the book I'm reading right now. It's not a French author, but if you know him, it's a really beautiful book. I'm just starting to read it, but I'm taking it with me in my bag so I can read it, for example, on the subway or on the bus.

I also have a notebook. I have it upside down. I have a notebook and a pen. That way, whenever I have an idea for a new video, for example, I can write it down and I don't forget it.

So I also always have a mask. I don't know how it is in your country, but in France, it's true that masks are still mandatory, for example, if you go to the movies or if you go to a museum.

So, I always have a mask with me. So obviously, I have the keys to my house with a unicorn key ring that I won at the fair. I also have hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect my hands, to wash my hands. For example, when I get out of the subway. I still have a few things in my bag. It's true that I have a lot of things.

I always carry lipsticks with me or here it's a lip gloss. Here I only have two, but sometimes I can end up with five lipsticks in the same bag.

I also have a file, a nail file.

Oh he is beautiful the dog!

You see, it's true that I really like to put polish on my nails and have long nails. So it's important to have a nail file.

I have very, very frequent headaches. I have migraines, so I always carry head medication, painkillers for when I have a headache. And also, I don't know if you know Tiger Balm.

It is very old, the one I have. It's a mint balm. It's minty and it feels really good when you put it on your head when you have a headache or migraine. I always have it with me, as I have a headache very often. So, we're almost at the end.

I will put in the description of the video all the vocabulary words seen in this lesson. That way, if you feel like repeating them at home, you can review these vocabulary words quietly at home. So I also have... It's pretty old, a package with cookies. It's true that I hate being hungry. I hate the feeling of being hungry, of feeling a little bit hypoglycemic, so I always keep cookies with me just in case so I can eat them.

So there you have it... It's just left in the bottom of my bag... I always have some change lying around in the bottom of my bag. And that's it, we're done.

That's a lot of new vocabulary words if you didn't know them or it was a good review of French vocabulary words if you already know them. All that's left is for me to pack up all my stuff in my bag and wish you a very nice day. And most of all, if you liked the video, of course, put a like, you know it's very important for me. And if you are new on the channel, subscribe to receive all my videos. Of course, if you liked this video, this vlog format, don't hesitate to tell me in comments, I'll see you soon. Have a nice day.

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