❌ Use " PAS " less often - USE THESE WORDS INSTEAD (PART 2)

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❌ Use " PAS " less often - USE THESE WORDS INSTEAD (PART 2)


Today, we will look together at antonyms, opposite vocabulary words.

Often, when you don't know certain words in the language, you'll take the easy way out. I know I'm doing this in English if I don't know the right word.

If, for example, I don't know how to say the word to say that something is not beautiful. I'll just make a negative sentence so I don't have to use the vocabulary word. I will say it is not beautiful instead of saying it is ugly.

Hello everyone, I hope you are in good shape.

In this video, I propose to enrich your vocabulary. I had already made a video with antonyms. I'm going to give it to you just above so that you can watch it, if you haven't already, and learn other vocabulary words, enrich your French vocabulary.

It's those little vocabulary words that will add finesse to your French. Before you start, remember to put a "like" to the video, you know it's really important for me and for the HelloFrench channel.

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Let's start right away with the first word.

Not dry, wet. My hair is not dry, I will blow dry it. My hair is wet, I'll blow dry it.

Not quiet, not wise. When we say that a child is not quiet or not wise, we mean that he is agitated. My son is not wise and he runs around. My son is restless and runs around.

Not clean, it's dirty. The toilets in this restaurant are not clean. The toilets in this restaurant are dirty.

Not mature, immature. When you say someone is immature or immature, it means that they are acting like a child when they are an adult. Lila threw her glass of apple juice at Anissa because she was mad at her. This is really immature behavior. She's not mature, she's immature.

Not brave, cowardly. Someone who is not brave, who does not dare to face things. He is a coward. He cheated on his wife and he doesn't dare to tell her. He is not brave. He is a coward.

Not friendly, unsympathetic. My new boss is unfriendly, he doesn't say good morning. He's not friendly, he's unfriendly.

Not sensitive, insensitive. Someone who is not sensitive, who is insensitive. It's someone who is not often sad, who doesn't have much pain. For example, if he goes to watch a movie or if his friends are sad.

Antoine does not understand why Alice is sad when her cat is dead. He is not sensitive, he is insensitive.

Not faithful, unfaithful. Someone who is not faithful, who is unfaithful. It's a person that you can't really trust. You can't trust that person. Or in a love relationship, if you say that someone is not faithful or is unfaithful, it means that they are cheating on the person, that they are seeing another woman or another man.

Jeffrey is not faithful and he has already cheated on Cynthia three times.

Not pretty, ugly. Or not beautiful, ugly. This wedding dress is not beautiful. This wedding dress is not pretty, it's ugly. This wedding dress is ugly.

Someone who is not present is someone who is absent. Helena was absent from French class this morning. She was not present.

Not good, bad. Something that is not good is something that is bad. This dish is not good. This dish is bad.

Something that is not new is something that is old or old. Do you have a new coat? No, it's not new. It's old, it's old. I've had it for three years.

Not real, fake. This is not a real Chanel bag. It's a fake bag.

Not fast, slow. If someone or something is not fast, it is slow or it is slow. The Williams Formula 1 team's cars are not fast, they are slow. These cars are slow.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this video, that you were able to learn or review some vocabulary words, that this video allows you to enrich your French vocabulary, broaden your perspectives and push your French to another level.

If you liked this video, of course, don't forget to "like" it and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already done so.

See you soon for a new video.

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