🎲🇫🇷 LEARN FRENCH with SCRABBLE GAME - which one of us knows more French words?

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🎲🇫🇷 LEARN FRENCH with SCRABBLE GAME - which one of us knows more French words?

Video transcript

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Today, I'm back with Mathieu, I already told you about him, he's my fiancé, for a new video in French. Today, we propose you a video a little bit particular. We propose you to learn French by playing. I don't know if you know this game, Scrabble. It is a game where in fact, you have to make up words with letters. You have a bag, a bag with letters in it. Like this, for example H.

The S. And you have to take 7 letters from your game that you put here. And you have to try to make words on the board. Each time, you have to start again from the words already made. You have to use the letters that are on the board. Each time, you have to have 7 letters in your game, so that you can continue to make words. The idea of this video, therefore, is to learn French in a more playful way, a little more fun.

Each time we put words down, we're going to explain what the words mean. Are you ready?


So I take my letters. Careful... It's important to have a good combination of consonants and vowels, otherwise it's hard to make words. You don't cheat.

I don't cheat, I promise.

The letters have different points, for example X, it will be worth ten points because it is a much more complicated letter to put in a word. In any case, in French, so, we will count the points here and we will see who is the best between Mathieu and me.

It's a good start. I already have almost no vowels. Also, depending on the box, there are certain words or letters that will count double, that will count triple. So, that allows you to accumulate more points. Come on, let's go. I'll let you start.

So, I'll start with "pink".

Rose, it can either be a flower, it is a flower that we often offer rather in couple, no? It is rather to his wife or his girlfriend. Often, especially the red roses. Otherwise, pink is also a color. It's the mixture of red and white. So, my turn. I'm going to do... "Porta". "Porta" is the past tense of the verb to carry when you carry something. We carry shopping bags and here he carried.

It's the past simple of the verb "to carry". We're going to note the points because we forgot to note your points. So you had put "rose" and there, the word counts double. So that makes 4 times 2... 8. And I'm at 3... 4... 8 too. We're tied for now. So, while you're thinking, I'll get some new letters. I need 4.

2...3...4. Mhhhh.

You. You have to put simple words too. You.

So you is you and me. It's when you point to the other person next to you. Is that it?

That's exactly right.

Letter triple count, that makes you 3...4...5. So in total 8 + 5, that's 13.

My turn... so... I put a slang word. I put capte. As in the verb "capter". "Capter," in slang, means "to understand." If I say to "t'as capté" the rules of the game, it means: did you understand the rules of the game. And here "capte" is "he capte". It's the third person singular of the verb "to catch". Again, it's a verb... it's a colloquial language, it's slang. Ah I didn't put my points in... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9 and on top of that, I have double word count.

Chou... chou, we'll put chou, it will be good. Cabbage!

So, Mathieu, you just put "chou". "Chou", it has two meanings, either it's to talk about a vegetable, it's a vegetable that is often found in winter, in any case in France, it can be a cauliflower, a red cabbage, green cabbage too. So, either it's the vegetable, or it's an adjective to talk about something or someone who is cute. For example, I can say "Mathieu is super cute in the morning, he makes my breakfast every day".

Yes !

So, what am I going to wear?

I put the word "clothed". "To dress" is a synonym for "to dress" in a little more sustained language, in a little more... a little more classy language, we'll say. So, to dress up and "she dressed in a very nice dress". It means she got dressed, it's more in language that we'll find in books. We don't say... We don't really say that in speech. So, I forgot to count your points Mathieu, so... 3 + 4... 7... 8... 9.

And then you had a double word count, so 18... 18 +13... 31. And then me, that makes me 18 + 26... 44. For now, we're here, I win.

So it's my turn. We'll put ravi here. Triple count word.

When someone is delighted, it means they are very happy. That's in pretty good language.

Yes !

Yes, it's a synonym for happy, content for a girl. But in more formal language, "he is pleased" or "she is pleased", with an E. So that makes you 4... 5... 6... 7. Now you had a double letter count. So 8... and in addition you have a triple word count.

Yes !

8×3… 24…

24+31... 55. So, what am I going to put? I'm doing a very small word because I don't have very good letters. I'll do... "little". "Little" means "not much". If I ask Mathieu "Do you want sugar in your coffee ?", you can answer me...

"A little bit."

That's a little, a little, not much. So, that makes me 3... 4... 5 points... 49.

So, "rima"... past simple of the verb "to rhyme" to make rhymes, is when we... often it's in poetry... where when two words have the same ending.

For example, raspberry/Chinese. That rhymes. And so there, Mathieu put it in the past tense. "The sentence rhymes in the poem". We don't use this verb in the past tense much, but it works here. At least, it's correct in French.

I'm going to put "dire", the verb "dire". It's a verb that we use very often in French, "je dis quelque chose", it's when we speak, that we express ourselves. It is for example, "I tell you that I know what I am doing".

It is I affirm it to you. I am expressing it. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... so that makes you 60. And then me, that makes me... 2... triple letter count... so 5... 6. I'm at 56 and you're at 60. We're close.

My turn!

You can just add a letter to the end of the words. That's the easy way... And "cabbage", in fact, it's just the plural of "cabbage" the vegetable, a cabbage. So that means that not only does it have 10 points, but also, underneath, the letter, it counts double. That's 20. And on top of that, it takes up all the points that were here. So 20... 21... 22. 22 + 27 is 29. You're at 89. There are some words in French, so normally the plural is with "s" and there are exceptions like... Bijoux, hiboux, choux, genoux.

There are exceptions in French that take an "x" and not an "s". I think I'll make a video just to explain these exceptions because it's worth making a content dedicated to this, to explain it.

Mmmh... mmmh... mmmh.

I've got something for you that might be good.

I too have something for me that can be good.

I think you saw it.

Do you feel the same way?

I think you saw it...

Very, very good word... What did you think of?

I've thought about a lot less than you.

So, I put "until"... Already, it's going to give me a lot of points. "Until" is a little word that we use to indicate a limit, either in time or in space. If, for example, I say to Mathieu "go to there", I define a space for him. So also, "until", often, it can be transformed according to what comes after.

"I partied just until the morning," we define the time limit. But the basic word is "until". And after that, it can be "until" "until tomorrow" or "until dawn" or "until morning." There's a little contraction depending on what comes after. So that makes me... double letter count... 16... 17... 18... 18+8... 26... 27... 28 and I have double word count. So 28 x 2... that's 56... 56+56... 112.

Not bad, well done.


The cheek, it's very simple, that's it. It's a part of the face.

So then, "play"... that's 8... 9... 10... 11×3... 33...

119+3… 122.

I'll show you where we are anyway. Matthew 122 and I have 112, I need to catch up.

Oh yes, I know!

You drool is the verb to drool. So just "the drool", drooling by itself, without the s. It's often babies... when there's liquid coming out of their mouth, like this coming in here, that's drool. So it's the verb drool. And in the second person singular, so "tu" in the present tense, "tu bave". If I say to Mathieu "tu baves", it is, it is that he salivates, there is liquid which leaves his mouth.

But I can also say if there's a nice cake, I say "Ah, you're drooling over that cake" and he'll say "yes, it's true I'm very hungry". You can also use it in a figurative sense, so he's not really drooling, but it's more that something is making him hungry. So, that makes me how many "you're drooling" 3... 4... 5... 9, so that makes me 123.

It takes 4... 3... 4.

Then I'll do... Irons.

"Irons" is the future simple of the verb "to go". It's a bit complicated because "aller" and "irons" are very far from each other. We'll go, it means that we'll go somewhere in the first person plural, so in the future tense, "we'll go on vacation to the sea". It means that we will go on vacation on the coast where there is sea.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5 and double word count... 10... 132.

It's almost the end of the game. Now we finish the letters we have here and it's over. We will see who will win because we have more... there are more letters. I have some very hard letters to place

I don't know how to place these letters.

I put the word "gay" when someone is "gay", it means that he is homosexual, that he likes people of the same sex as him, for example a man who is in a couple with a man or a woman with a woman. So that gives me 13 points, so 136.

Dong... So, D... Dongs.

What is this?

Ben a dong! The dong... Dong...



There's no such thing.

Of course, Google it and you'll see.

Dongs? But I've never heard that word.

If a dong!

Donations, a dong?

But yes...

You're trying to cheat again. Dong... Larousse. It's a French dictionary. Main currency unit of Vietnam. Didn't you know that?

Well... yes...

No, you are trying to cheat. Ok it is valid. But okay, okay, plural, with an "S" is fine. So yes, there you go. So, Mathieu put in a word. It's not a very interesting word in French. It's the unit of currency in Vietnam, so in France, it's the Euro in Vietnam, it's the dong. So 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7. And it's a double word... 14. So that makes 146.

So I put the word without, so "without". S A N S. There is "with" or "without". Do you take your coffee "with" or "without" sugar? It means there isn't. Or if you say it's gluten-free bread. That means it's gluten free. That makes me how many... not much. 1... 2... 3... 4. And my letter, it counted triple. So 142. Your turn, Math. There are three letters left.

I have two left. If you have a word, there's a place for it.

Are you kidding? Oh!

You can put in all your letters, you have a super nice word too. It's too pretty a word. It is. That manager? Not only is he going to win, but I'm helping him.


You don't see it, do you?


But you don't see it, do you?


SEBI ? What is SEBI?

Kiss! Yes, it's a beautiful word!

Yes ! A kiss is when you give a, when you give a kiss to someone. I can say "give your grandmother a kiss", so give your grandmother a kiss. So, well, Mathieu will win. But then...3...letter counts triple so 6...7...8...so that makes you 154.

So, what can I do now that I've helped you? I don't know how to place it. It's not possible. Here, I put a T back there, so it was you, you. And when there is a "T" in "roof", it's the roof of a house, it's the roof, what's above the house to protect from the rain.

4 points, so 146. So... I have one letter left, you have nothing left. But I can't place it I think. I have the letter "K" left, if you have an idea, feel free to put it in the comments. Because actually, if I can place it, it allows me to win because we have that... we have what? We have 8 points difference and the "K" is worth 10 points.

In French, there is what word with "K", there is képi, koala... What else is there ? There are not many. Put in comments the words you know where there is a K in French.

That's it... Mathieu won. Bravo ! I hope you liked this video. If you liked it, put it in comments. Above all, give us a thumbs up and tell us if you like this kind of video.

If you like learning French through games. We'll see you soon for a new video. Have a nice day everyone.

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