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In this video I explain 5 proverbs about love in French! They are important because they can help you in your learning of French and better understand the French culture.

List of love proverbs

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 1:01 - Happy at play, unhappy in love
  • 2:05 - Rainy wedding, happy wedding
  • 2:43 - Out of sight, out of mind
  • 3:18 - Love is blind
  • 4:05 - Living on love and fresh water

Transcript of the video

Hello to all of you. I hope that you are well and that your learning of French is going well.

When you learn a foreign language, it is very interesting to know proverbs in that language. So proverbs are quotations, popular adages, that people use. Proverbs are used to give advice or to remind people of truths that are known to everyone in society. It is interesting to learn proverbs because it will take your French to a higher level. So, you will be able to make jokes or witticisms in French more easily.

It's also interesting, because in fact, these expressions, these proverbs will tell you a little more about the French culture. Today, we are going to see 5 proverbs in French that talk about love, that allow to say "I love you" in French. So, the first proverb is "happy at play, unhappy in love". This proverb happy at play, unhappy in love, means that in fact, we can't have everything. So, if you are happy at play, you are bound to be unhappy in love.

So, gambling in French refers to the casino, the lottery. In fact, to all games of chance, where you can win money. The expression, it really means that well here, we are happy with the game. Well, you had to choose. As you are happy at the game, you have no one in your life. So it's very similar to another expression in French that is much more popular and much more familiar, which is "avoir une chance de cocu".

It means that if we have been very lucky at a given time, it is that necessarily, it hides something, it is not normal to have so much luck. So, when we say in French that we have a cuckold's luck, it means that it is not possible to be so lucky. So, inevitably, his wife or her husband cheats on us, therefore sleeps with another person.

The following proverb is "rainy wedding, happy wedding". So, it means that if it rains, if the weather is bad on our wedding day, we will be happy in our life with the person we married.

So, we will be happy with the person with whom we get married. So in reality, we say that to reassure the bride and groom because nobody wants to get married in the rain, in bad weather. So we tell them: today it's raining, but that means you're going to have a wonderful life together, a very good life together.

The next proverb is "out of sight, out of mind". So when we say this proverb, in fact, it means that when we are far from the person we love, when we are not close to him, our love decreases.

We think less about her, we forget her. For example, I could say: "Peter cheated on Caroline during his vacations in Spain with his friends, as they say, out of sight, out of mind". As she was not near him, he did not think about her.

The following proverb is "Love is blind". So blind in French means that we can't see, that we have lost our sight. So when we say that love is blind, it means that it is irrational, that we cannot explain it.

For example, you will be in love with someone and other people will not understand this love. We also say "Love makes you blind" to say that everyone will see, for example, the defects of your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you, you do not see them because you are blinded by the love you have for him. So for example, you could say he makes really unfunny jokes, but his girlfriend doesn't stop laughing: love makes you really blind. To say that she's the only one who can't see that he's not funny. Finally, the last proverb we're going to see today is "live on love and fresh water". So when we say we live on love and fresh water, it means we make do with little. We need very, very little, not much in our life to be happy. So, this expression is often used to talk about people at the beginning of a relationship.

So, when you have butterflies in your stomach, you're a little... you only think about the person you love and you lose your appetite. So, for example, I could say: "Since Caroline met Peter, she doesn't eat anything anymore, she lives on love and fresh water". And that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, don't hesitate to put a like or to subscribe to the channel.

You can also visit www.hellofrench.com to discover other expressions. See you soon.

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