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In this video, I propose you to learn French through 15 expressions that contain the names of animals. For example "to go on one's high horse" or "to eat like a pig". These expressions are widely used by the French, so you should know some of them to better speak and understand French.


Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In Paris, the weather is starting to be very nice. It's very nice to wake up and have sunshine. Today we are not going to talk about weather, but we are going to talk about animals or rather French expressions with animals.

Last week, you may have seen my video on French expressions with fruits or vegetables. In this video, it's the same principle. We will see common expressions, everyday expressions, pictures, idiomatic expressions in French with animals.

I have chosen the most common expressions for me, the ones I use the most in my daily life.

Before you start, I tell you every time, remember to activate the subtitles. It will be easier for you to understand the video and to remember the new words and expressions that we are going to see.

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Let's start right away with the first expression: stand up. - I had a date with a guy at 8:00 p.m. at the restaurant.

I waited more than two hours and he never came. - It's not true, he stood you up like that, without warning? - Yes, he didn't even call me to apologize. This morning, I stood up my boss. I had completely forgotten that I had an appointment with him. I hope he won't be too upset. Stood up means not showing up for an appointment. You can stand someone up or someone can stand you up.

It means that he or she doesn't show up for the appointment you had planned. It could be for a business meeting, a meeting with friends or a date.

Eat like a pig or eat like a pig. Thibault really does eat like a pig. There is as much food on his plate as there is on the tablecloth. You really eat like a pig, you have chocolate all over your face. The expression eat like a pig or eat like a pig means to eat dirty, to eat rudely, to put it everywhere.

You can choose, you can either say pig or pig. It is the same animal. The only difference is that pork is used to refer to the meat of the pig and pig is used to refer to the animal.

Get on your high horse. - I'm dreaming or you're texting a girl. - Stop getting on your high horse, I'm just texting my cousin.

- Are you wearing my sweater? - It's okay, don't get on his high horse. It's just a sweater and besides, it looks better on me than on you.

Getting on your high horse means getting angry very quickly. To get on one's high horse very quickly. It's another expression in French. It means that you are nervous, that you get angry very quickly.

Hungry as a wolf. I'm so hungry I could eat two pizzas. You're hungry as a wolf today, leave some pancakes for the others anyway! When you're hungry like a wolf, it means you're very, very hungry. We are starving. We could eat a lot of things.

Let's get back to the point. - Emma called me yesterday. She's really fed up with her job, she'd like to change. Do you think you could help her find a new job? - Oh, you talked to Emma? I saw that she posted a picture on Instagram with a very pretty dress.

- Yes, I saw the picture, the dress is really pretty.

But back to the point. Do you think you could help him find a new job?

Let's get back to the main topic of the conversation. To the topic that was discussed at the beginning, to the most important topic. Often, when you're talking to someone, there can be digressions. You may start talking about something else. When someone says, "Let's get back to the point," it means let's get back to the point.

Putting the chip on your shoulder.

César didn't mention Caroline, his girlfriend, during the whole conversation. That kind of tipped me off. So I asked his brother and indeed, they broke up last week. I knew that for sure.

I saw that my boyfriend was writing messages to my sister. Usually they never talk to each other. It kind of tipped me off. I'm sure they are planning a surprise birthday party for me. We use this expression when something catches our attention, we realize that there is something not normal, it arouses our curiosity.

Having goosebumps. You don't think I'm cold, but look at my arm, I have goosebumps. Every time I pass my neighbor, I get goosebumps. He really looks like a murderer. The expression "goosebumps" is used when you have little spots on your arm or on your skin. We have the hairs that stand up. Often, we feel this way when we are cold or very scared.

Taking the bull by the horns. I've gained 30 pounds in three months. It's really time for me to take the bull by the horns, start working out again and go see a dietician to lose weight.

I haven't had a job for several months now, I'm starting to have trouble paying my rent. You really need to take the bull by the horns and start sending out your resumes.

Taking the bull by the horns means facing a problem and trying to solve it. Finally, we have decided to face a problem, a difficulty. We try to find a solution, we start to work on it.

Give your tongue to the cat. - Guess who I ran into at the supermarket this afternoon. - Ines? - No, I don't think so. - Xavier ? - No, I can't. - Does it start with a B? - No, it doesn't. - I'll give it a shot, I'll never find it.

- I'm going to make you a guess. In the morning, I have four legs. At noon, I have two legs. And in the evening, I have three legs. Who am I? - Oh no, I'm really bad at guessing. I give my tongue to the cat. Give me the answer.

When you give your tongue to the cat, it's because you don't know or can't find the answer to a riddle.

We give up, we tell ourselves that we will not find the solution. We ask the other person to give us the answer, the solution. We give our tongue to the cat. To have ants in the legs. - Ah, I have ants in my legs. I have been sitting cross-legged for too long. - Shake your legs, it will go away.

When you have ants in your legs or in your arm, elsewhere, for example in your body, it means that you have little tingles.

Generally, it is because the circulation, our blood, does not circulate very well, because certain areas have been compressed, we have stayed too long in the same posture.

Don't put the cart before the horse. I'm getting the decorations ready for our cake. Don't put the cart before the horse. First, we'll make the cake, we'll see its shape, its thickness and only then we'll prepare the decorations.

When you put the cart before the horse, it means that you want to go too fast. When you are not experienced enough, for example, you don't realize that you have to proceed step by step and you have to start at the beginning, at the beginning and then you will often see.

Someone will tell you don't put the cart before the horse. Start at the beginning, don't try to skip steps.

Feeling blue. Today, I'm a little blue, it's Valentine's Day, I'm 30 years old, I'm single. All my girlfriends are spending the day with their lovers. I'm feeling a little down.

Pauline has been feeling down since she lost her job. I'm going to her house to bring her some chocolate and ice cream to cheer her up. When you're feeling blue, it means you're not feeling well. You're depressed, you're sad.

It's been raining for two hours, it's really bad weather.

It's really freaky weather for my wedding. I hope the guests brought umbrellas. When we say it's a miserable day, it means that the weather is really bad, that it's really bad.

Straddling the fence. Zoë is really into cleanliness. No one is allowed in her house with their shoes on and she cleans her apartment at least three times a day. My employer is really big on rules. We can't eat in our offices. One day my colleague ate an apple and he yelled at her.

When we are straddling something, generally, we are straddling principles, it means that we are really fussy, we are really fussy. We have difficulty deviating from our principles, we are focused on our principles.

We can't put them aside.

The last expression we will see today is "we didn't keep pigs together". This afternoon, I was in a business meeting and the person I was talking to called me sweetheart and he was on first-name terms with me.

We didn't keep the pigs together though. When we use this expression, we want to say that we were not close to the person, that we are not intimate with the person and that he was too familiar with us. She behaved with us as if we were close, as if we were intimate. We want to report that the person has or has had inappropriate behavior, that you hadn't kept the pigs together. He doesn't have to behave like that with you.

And that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this video, that you were able to learn some new phrases or words. If you liked it, please consider to put a like to the video or to post a comment. If you are new to the channel, don't forget to subscribe to receive all the videos. See you soon.

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