LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom : Mine de rien

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LEARN FRENCH IN 2 MINUTES - French idiom : Mine de rien


Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

Today, we will see together a French expression in a few minutes.

Before you start, feel free to activate the English or French subtitles if you need them. If I speak too fast or too slow, feel free to speed up or slow down the video.

Today, we will see together the expression mine de rien. A subscriber asked me what this expression mine de rien meant in a comment, so we're going to see it together today because it's an expression that can interest everyone.

It simply means without looking like it. As if nothing had happened. We use it when something is different from what we imagined. Mine is the appearance, it's the air.

This expression is used to express that appearances can be deceiving, that the result is different from what was expected. One would think not, but in fact it is.

I'm going to give you some context, it's really going to help you understand better.

For example, if I had hardly studied for my French exam and still got 16 out of 20, I can say I had hardly studied for my exam, but I still got 16 out of 20.

It's a result that we didn't necessarily expect. Here is another example, another context. If it's winter and I'm at home, I feel like it's cold outside.

And when I go out, there is still some sun. So I could say, "I don't know, it's still sunny. Or I could say, "I don't know, there's a lot of sun despite the clouds, I'm afraid of getting sunburned.

And finally, here's one last bit of context. Wow! You're already married and have two kids. I can't believe I've been in a relationship with Thibault for 10 years already. Time flies.

So, it seems that the time passed quickly without us really realizing it.

That's it for today, I hope you understood this expression well.

Please feel free to comment on other contexts and situations of this expression, to show me that you have understood it well.

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