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In French, there are words that are a real headache to pronounce for foreigners, for non-native speakers.

Today, we are going to see together some words that are really difficult to pronounce in French. The words we are going to see today are words that are really used in everyday life in France.

It is therefore important to pronounce them well, even if they are very difficult to pronounce.

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Even when you reach a very good level of French, there are some words that are still very difficult to pronounce. For example, if these words contain sounds that do not exist in your language, it is very important to practice your pronunciation and to repeat the words that cause you problems.

Let's start right away with the first word, which is really, really hard to pronounce in French, it's the word "une bouilloire".

"A kettle". A kettle is the object that you use to heat water, to boil water. I put water to heat in the kettle to make myself a tea.

Feel free to repeat after me these phrases, feel free to pause on the video to repeat these words, to practice repeating them with the correct pronunciation.

Let's move on to the second word. "A bathtub". A bathtub.

A bathtub is where you go to take your bath in the bathroom. At home, I don't have a shower, I only have a bathtub.

"A frog." A frog is an animal. You may know it, it often comes out when it rains. You can see frogs around ponds, around water features, a frog. Really feel free to pause and repeat these words for practice. In addition to repeating the word alone, I think it's important to repeat it in a sentence.

To help you use it, to get you used to using it.

When it rains, there are frogs in my garden.

"Horror! Horror. This word is used to describe something that is scary, that is frightening, that can terrify us. I don't like horror movies, I'm too scared.

"The Welcome. Reception. Reception, it can be a synonym of a reception when you go to a hotel or to the doctor, for example, you have to go through the reception. I have to go through the reception of the hotel to get my room key. But reception can also be greeting people. For example, if I start a new job, I can say: my colleagues gave me a very good welcome, so they were very nice to me, they welcomed me.

An egg. One egg. The hen laid an egg. Be careful because in the singular, we say an egg, but in the plural, we say eggs.

An egg, eggs.

"A surgeon. A surgeon. A surgeon is the person who will operate on you. He is a doctor who performs operations.

He's a good surgeon, he did my surgery. A surgeon. As I've been telling you since the beginning of the video, please feel free to pause and repeat these words.

The next word is also a trade. A locksmith. If you live in France, you may need to call a locksmith if you lose your keys. Often, you don't want to call a locksmith because it costs a lot of money to have him come and open your door.

The locksmith is the person who will come to open, for example, your door if you have lost your keys or if your keys are broken in your door. A locksmith. By the way, an even more complicated word to pronounce is the discipline that the locksmith practices.

It's, look out, I hope you're ready, it's locksmithing. Locksmithing, locksmithing, that word, it's really hard to say.

I think, even if you are a native.

We had seen the frog earlier, let's move on to another animal. It is a really cute animal that can be found, for example in Central Park, in New York.

"A squirrel." A squirrel. The squirrel loves to eat nuts. Squirrel.

And let's move on to the tenth and final word in this video, which is a word that is used very often in French, especially if you like to make food. It's cooking. Cooking.

When we cook, it's a word we use very often: cooking. What is the cooking time for this pasta? The cooking time for this pasta is 6 minutes.

Cooking, baking.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this pronunciation video. Don't hesitate to tell me in comments if you want me to make other videos to work on your French pronunciation.

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I'll see you very, very soon.

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