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Hi everyone! You're going to love the theme of today's video, I'm sure. Today I'm going to teach you how to swear in French, but in a polite way.

Swearing while being polite, but without being cheesy. Old-fashioned means old-fashioned. Alternatives to words like put*** or mer** to swear politely, without being has-been.

The words we're going to see, they're really used by everyone.

I hope you're all comfortable. Don't forget to put a "like" and to activate the subtitles in French or in English, if you need them. Today, we're going to have four words together, four interjections to show your annoyance, your irritation, your surprise, whether positive or negative, but without using big words.

You certainly know that the French use the word put*** in more or less every context. But when we are at work or when we are with people we don't know in contexts where we have to be polite, the French have alternatives, little words that they use to be able to continue swearing but without being vulgar.

The first word we're going to see is "bug". So it starts the same way. It gives you the opportunity if you start saying "pu" to change it to "naise". Bug.

A bedbug. I don't know if you know this animal. It's not a very nice insect. I hope you've never had a bed bug in your house because it's horrible to get rid of them, it's super hard to get them out.

You have stings everywhere, all over your body. It's really horrible. So bug, we really, really use it as a synonym for pu****. So to show either surprise or annoyance or astonishment. Thumbtack, I broke my phone again, this is the second time this month. Damn, you spilled the whole bottle of wine, can't you be a little careful?

The second word we're going to see, the second interjection, is mashed. Mashed. Mashed potatoes is a recipe for mashed potatoes. You've probably eaten them before.

Mashed potatoes can also be made into mashed carrots, for example. Mashed again, it's used just like bug. Mashed, I can't take this day anymore, I just want to go to sleep. Purée, did you hear? Lola left Sebastian. I was sure she was madly in love with him.

Here, you see I used it to mark my astonishment.

Damn. Damn we don't use it exactly like pu****, we use it a bit more like zut. But zut is a bit old-fashioned. Damn, it's an interjection that we usually use when we made a mistake.

Damn, I forgot my keys. Oh boy, I mixed up the sugar and salt for my recipe.

And finally, the last interjection we're going to look at today is the cow. The cow, yes, like the animal, it is an animal that is often found on the farm. The cow, it is also used as bug, mashed potato to express an emotion, so the surprise, anger, admiration or spite. The cow can be positive or negative.

It can be used to show that you are surprised or impressed by something. Holy cow, you've already painted half the house in 3 hours? You're super fast.

Here you see, it's quite positive, it's a positive amazement. The cow looks at how he's dressed. All in yellow for a funeral, it's not done at all. There are other words that can replace swearing, insults.

Like "saperlipopette" or "flute". But in reality, nobody uses them, except maybe old people. But if I start to say "bummer", people will certainly find it weird.

It's not at all natural to say flute or saperlipopette when you are quite young.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed these four expressions, these four interjections, and that now you too will be able to swear like a Frenchman, but still be polite.

If you liked this video, of course, put a like. And if you're not yet a subscriber, subscribe and turn on the bell to receive all my videos.

See you soon.

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