House Furniture Vocabulary in French (45 words to know)

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House Furniture Vocabulary in French (45 words to know)

Transcript of the video

Hello, I'm Elisabeth. Welcome to another French vocabulary video, and above all, welcome to my home.

Today, we're going to look at the vocabulary of household furniture in French. This is a video for beginners, but if you're at an intermediate or advanced level, it might be interesting for you to review this home furniture vocabulary.

As usual, you can download the vocabulary sheet for this lesson by clicking on the link in the video description.

Let's start with the first piece of furniture behind me. You often see it in my videos. It's a bookcase. This piece of furniture is a bookcase.

Here we have a sofa. You might even say a three-seater sofa. In the sofa, I have cushions. And here, I have a blanket.

In front of the sofa, we have a coffee table. Here, it's a glass table. A coffee table.

Here, we have a television. A television. The TV is on a TV stand.

Next to the TV, we have speakers. A speaker, speakers. For good sound.

Here, in front of the windows, we have a curtain. Here, we have a table. You could also say a dining table. A dining table is a table on which we eat our meals. Around the table, of course, we have chairs.

You can see a lamp. Behind the lamp, I have a frame.

Even if you have an advanced level of French, you may not be familiar with this object. It's called a dame-jeanne. I put my dame-jeanne on a step. Usually, it's used to pick up objects, to reach high cupboards or closets. You can climb on it. Here, I use it as a decoration.

In the hallway, we have a coat rack. We have a lot of coats, so it's pretty cluttered. Under my coat rack, I have a safe. You can have a safe where you hide precious things like money or jewelry. Here, it's simply a trunk for storing bags. Next to the chest, which is stored away, I have a fan. A fan you can use in summer to keep the heat out.

Here, still in the entrance hall, we have a bench to sit on. A shoe cabinet. This is where you keep all your shoes.

In the kitchen, the main pieces of furniture are the oven, the dishwasher, which is very important if you don't like washing up. And here we have the refrigerator, usually called a frigo. Frigo, it's a familiar word, but almost everyone says a fridge and not a refrigerator.

Here, we have garbage cans. Garbage cans. A clock. Now I'll take you to the bedroom. You can say a room or a bedroom.

In a bedroom, you usually have a bed. This is a double bed. You can have a single bed for one person or a double bed for two. On the bed, we have a comforter. Here, we have cushions. Next to a bed, we usually have a bedside table. A bedside table.

On a bedside table, you can have a bedside lamp. It's a lamp that we're going to put especially in the bedroom, on this little table. Here we have a chest of drawers. It's a small cupboard with drawers, usually found in bedrooms. Next to the chest of drawers is a wardrobe for storing clothes.

There wasn't enough room in the wardrobe, so we added a clothes rail. A rod for hanging clothes. I'll now take you into the study. Some of you may recognize this room, as it's where I give my online conversation classes, via video conferencing.

Here we have a closet. Then, here, you have my office, a desk. It's a table, but it's used for working. And here we have an office chair. Next to it, I have a printer. And now we'll finish with the last room in the house, which is the bathroom.

In a bathroom, you'll find a vanity unit, a piece of bathroom furniture. Here you have a double washbasin. In bathrooms, you'll usually find a mirror. And here, very importantly, we have a washing machine.

If you liked this video, put a like, put a thumbs up to support my work on YouTube. We've finished our tour of my apartment. I hope you were able to learn some new vocabulary words or brush up on house words you already knew.

If you know of other pieces of furniture in your home that I don't have, please feel free to add them in the comments. Don't forget, you can also download the free vocabulary sheet for this lesson.

See you soon for a new video.

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