A GAME TO LEARN FRENCH VOCABULARY with my friends - Le petit bac

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A GAME TO LEARN FRENCH VOCABULARY with my friends - Le petit bac

Transcript of the video

A bathroom item that begins with the letter V.

A vase!

A vase? No, that's not validated.

It's not a bathroom item at all.

Hello everyone.

Welcome to this new video to improve your French. Today, I am with two friends, Caroline and Bénédicte, and we are going to play a game together, you see, they have buzzers, to improve themselves, to improve their French vocabulary.

Before you start, remember to activate the subtitles if you need them to understand everything in the video and to remember all the vocabulary words that we will see together.

Today, we are going to play together the little tub. The little tub is a game that we often play when we are, when we are teenagers.

We often play this in class when we're a bit bored, yes, that's a bit of it, isn't it?

We often play this game at school or between classes, when we are a bit bored.

Here, we're going to play, we're going to play this together because it's a language game that requires thinking about vocabulary.

So, let me explain the rules of this game. I will give you a theme and a letter of the alphabet. You will have to buzz as fast as possible to give a word that starts with that letter in the theme.

For example, I will give the theme animals and I will say an animal that begins with the letter S.

SNAKE! I think you understand the rules.

So, we're going to play today in three sets.

In each round, the person who will win is the one who reaches five points.

And at the end of the three rounds, we'll see which one of Caroline or Benedicte has won the most rounds. If you want to play with us, don't hesitate to pause and think of other vocabulary words that Caroline or Benedicte could have said.

And you can put them in comments. That way, we all enrich our vocabulary, so don't hesitate, you can pause each time I give a theme and a letter.

Are you ready girls? All the way, on the gas!

I've got my little sheet, you don't cheat, you don't look. No, I promise, never.

So here we go for the first round.

Give me a sport that starts with the letter D.

(laughs) I have a blank.


Yes. One point for Benedict.

You could also say Decathlon.

1 – 0.

So now give me an ice cream flavor that starts with the letter M.


1 – 1.

So now give me a transportation, a way to get around that starts with the letter P.

On foot, the foot.

The foot, very well, on foot, yeah it works, to get around.

You could also say roller skates, a barge or a stroller, for babies.

2 – 1.

So, an animal that starts with the letter F.


You could also say a flamingo, a falcon or a pheasant.

So, we are at 2 - 2.

Well, it's very tight.

Give me, be careful here, it's a bit difficult, a slang word that starts with the letter G.


Grave in slang, it means very, very, yes, it's serious, good, it means it's very good or I can say do you want to eat a waffle? You can answer me "grave", it means yes, very much.

3 – 2.

Watch out, Benedict is getting close to 5 points. So, can you give me a tree, a variety of trees that starts with the letter A?

An apricot tree.

But I don't know who buzzed first.

Both were .... but you can give a point everywhere.

One point everywhere.

That means it's 4 - 3.

You could also have said a mahogany or an acacia.

4 – 3.

Be careful, this is a French president who starts with the letter S.

Sarkozy !

No but the girls (laughs).

We're crazy people, right ....

Equality, equality again, equality, 5 - 4.

Yes, but...

Well it was very close but Ben won this round.

It's okay, you can make it up to me. You can make it up to me, it was very close.

Then it's off to the second round.

A body part that begins with the letter R.

The kidneys!

Yeah Caro buzzed before.

But you buzz and shout... You must not shout at the same time as you buzz.

OK, I buzz and then I shout.

That way the referee can watch.

You could also say the patella, the spleen, the radius.

there were a few.

A color that begins with the letter B.


You could also say blue... Did you have another idea?

Bordeaux, yeah.

We are at 2 - 0.


It's revenge.

So be careful.

A defect that begins with the letter J.


Bravo !

2 – 1.

The next word... A garment that begins with the letter T.

A t-shirt, a tunic, a top...

So we are at 3 - 1.

So now... A bathroom item that begins with the letter V.

A vase!

A vase? No, that's not validated!

It's not a bathroom item at all!

I have two.

I don't know.

You can put it on your hands or feet and store it in the bathroom.


Yes, you could also say the glass to put his toothbrush.

Actually, that's what I had in mind with vase, but it's not a vase.

I thought you were going to say glass and you said vase.

So I think you're going to go very fast too.

Are we still at 3 - 1 or are we at 4 - 1?

4 – 1.

A fruit that begins with the letter C.




There was also lemon... Chestnut.

Bravo Caro, you win the round.

So we are at 1 - 1.

You both won a set, so it's all going to come down to the third set.

Attention, a musical instrument that begins with the letter B.




Yeah there were drums, baritone, banjo.

1 – 0.

Caro? Yes, get a grip!

A vegetable that begins with the letter L.

It was Caro, I think.


Oh but you didn't find it!

Well, I had it in mind, and then I was thinking about instruments all the time.

Did you have that in mind too?

Yeah, there was lens too.

1 – 1.

A kitchen object, therefore, an object found in the kitchen that begins with the letter S.

I was going to say salt but it's not an object.

A towel?

Yeah a towel, yeah.

Otherwise, there was also a spatula, a sauté pan, an ice cream maker.

2 – 1.

A quality that begins, attention, a quality we said, that begins with the letter E.


Yeah, there was also empathetic, enthusiastic, eloquent.

We are at 3 - 1.

Caroline, this is not okay.

A dish...

Who eats himself?

Which is eaten, a dish yes, or a recipe that begins with the letter Q.

Quinoa, a quinoa.

A quiche?

Quinoa is not really a dish, it's an ingredient.

4 – 1.

Beware, everything can still be done.

We remain in the same, in the same range.

Now it's going to be a dessert that starts with the letter C.

It was Ben.


Crumble yeah.

There were cream puffs, vanilla cream, pancakes, a cake, a café liégeois.

5 – 1, 5 – 1.

It's hard, it's very very hard!

Ben won the game with two innings won.

Would you like me to make a few more as extras?


Come on, let's get, let's get some bonuses for fun.

A cheese, attention, Caro, it's time to show that....

A cheese that begins with the letter E.

Emmental, Emmental.

There were epoisses and édam.

A capital city that begins with the letter, attention, there, you must be good in spelling, which begins with the letter H.

A capital of a country.


No, this is a country.

I'm a little scared now... Helsinki.

Helsinki yeah, there was also Havana.

Yes, Hanoi.

A drink that starts with the letter O.

You can say brands.


Orangina, Oasis, orgeat syrup.

Well, it's not really vocabulary, but it's a series that starts with the letter B.

Big little lies!

Did you have an idea?

Big Bang Theory.

Yes, that's right.

There was Breaking Bad, Beverly Hills, Bref, a French series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bones.

It's a lot of English series.

So what... Do I have any left...

An animal that lives on the farm, a farm animal that begins with the letter A.

A donkey!

A lamb.

Yes, it's a little... All right yes, it does, it lives on the farm.

I'm better on the bonuses than on the actual run.

Yes you are better on bonuses, there is less pressure.

A flower that begins with the letter H.


There was also Hibiscus.

Bravo, Caro! You, that's it... you give it all away on bonuses!

I am not resistant to pressure.

One last one, a country that begins with the letter A.


Saudi Arabia.

There was also Germany, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan.

Well, bravo girls.

Thanks a lot. And above all, congratulations to Béné who won the real round and Caro who won the bonuses.

Thank you very much for making this video. I hope you were able to learn some new vocabulary or at least review some vocabulary, but most importantly learn a game that you can also do at home.

You can play with friends, where you put a timer, so a stopwatch, and you write on a sheet of paper.

You write a lot of categories and at each turn, someone gives a letter and you have to write in the different categories and go as fast as possible to find a word for each category that starts with the letter.

So, you can make a category animals, a category trades, a category series, food and you give for example the letter B and it is the one who is the fastest to have filled all the boxes.

I hope you enjoyed this video, that you liked learning vocabulary through a game.

If you liked this video, of course, don't forget to put a like. If you are new, subscribe and activate the bell to receive all the videos and I say to you very quickly for a next video.

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