Real French conversation: our dream house, moving to South of France... (+ FR Subtitles)

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Real French conversation: our dream house, moving to South of France... (+ FR Subtitles)

My husband Mathieu and I love talking about our future.

In two or three years, we want to leave Paris.

Our dream? To buy a house in the South of France. The sun, the blue skies, the sea... It's the stuff of dreams! The problem is, we can't agree on... exactly where we want to go.

We have very different opinions. 😬 In today's video, we talk for 1 hour in "slow French" about our dream home.

The video is subtitled in French to help you understand everything.

The most important words in the video are displayed on the screen (with an English translation). Watch the video and help us choose :).

Pastis, our little dog, has chosen his camp...

You can find out in the video. 😆

And you, will you be on Mathieu's side or mine? 😎

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