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In this video, I give you 50 words to express your emotions in French. Joy, sadness, fear, anger or surprise, you won't have any problem to say what you feel in French 🙂


Hello everyone, I hope you are well and ready for a new video in French. Today, we are going to see together 50 adjectives in French to express your emotions and feelings. The video will be divided into five themes. Joy, anger, surprise, fear and sadness. We will see each adjective in the feminine and masculine to express yourself when you are a girl or a boy. I will also give you a sentence for each adjective, a context for you to understand that adjective.

If you are new to the channel, I'm Elisabeth, remember to subscribe so you don't miss any videos. Let's start right away with adjectives related to joy, happiness.

Happy, happy. I am very happy to see you, it makes me very happy.

Happy, happy. You look so happy, did you win the lottery?

Happy, happy. You are very happy at the moment, many beautiful things are happening to you.

Enthusiastic. I am very excited to meet Marie. I can't wait to see her.

Confident. I studied very well for my French exam. I am confident, I am sure I will pass.

In love, in love. You look so in love with her. She has a lot of effect on you. You seem to like her a lot.

Moved, moved. I am very moved by his proposal. I had been waiting for him for ten years. I cried with joy.

Relaxed, relaxed. This little weekend abroad really relaxed me. It did me a lot of good. I am rejuvenated.

Positive, positive. You have to be positive in life, it helps to move forward.

Optimist, you are so optimistic, you always see the good side of things.

Cheerful, cheerful. I am very cheerful this morning. It's sunny. I am in a good mood.

Let's move on to the second set of adjectives, the adjectives that will allow you to express your anger.

Angry, angry. I'm really mad at my sister. She took my car without asking me and she broke a mirror.

Pissed off, pissed off. You seem very upset about your date. Did something go wrong?

Furious, furious. My employer fired me for no reason. I am furious.

Vexed, offended. He made fun of my nose. I am very offended. Is he that ugly?

Dissatisfied, dissatisfied. I'm really dissatisfied with your work, you didn't do a good job.

Annoyed, annoyed. I feel really annoyed by Thibault. He keeps making noise with his pen.

Upset, upset. You seem really upset. Did something happen that you didn't like?

Jealous, jealous. My wife's ex keeps calling her. I'm really jealous. I don't like it.

Frustrated, frustrated. I am really frustrated that I lost my tennis match yesterday. My opponent was too strong for me.

Hater, hater. Tom is really hateful towards me. I don't know what I did to him, but he hates me.

Bitter, bitter. I have been supporting Victor for years. For the first time, I ask him for help and he refuses. I am really bitter. I am disappointed in him.

Now let's turn to adjectives to express your sadness.

Sad. My dog died yesterday. I am really sad.

Unhappy, unhappy. I was very unhappy with my ex. He criticized me all the time, he was not nice.

Depressed, depressed. I feel really depressed about being cooped up at home all day because of the confinement, I have the blues.

Melancholy. I miss the good times I had as a teenager. I am melancholic of that time.

Nostalgic. This song really makes me nostalgic. I used to listen to it a lot when I was in high school. It takes me back to the past.

Affected, affected. I am really affected by the departure of my colleague Thibault. I will really miss him.

Chagrined, chagrined. You look really sad about it. You are not too sad? He wasn't very nice to you.

Desperate, desperate. I am really desperate. My girlfriend left me overnight.

Sorry, sorry. I'm really sorry about my behavior with you. I shouldn't have talked to you like that.

Annihilated. Wiped out. I'm devastated, I lost all my money in poker. I have nothing left.

And a last one to express his sadness. We have already seen it for joy, it is the adjective moved or moved. Depending on the context you can be moved by joy or moved by sadness.

This film is so sad. It moved me to tears. Moved is when you are really touched, either by joy or by sadness.

Let's move on to the next category, surprise. Adjectives to express your surprise.

Amazed, astonished. He really surprised me. I didn't think he was that strong. He lifted over 100 kilos.

Surprised, surprised. You seem surprised by his reaction. You didn't expect it?

Stunned, amazed. I am amazed at his generosity. He gave me a million euros.

Wowed, wowed. I am amazed by her voice. She sings so well.

Blown away, blown away. I was blown away by his performance on stage, he is an outstanding actor.

Stunned, flabbergasted. You look stunned after your date. What happened? You can't even talk anymore.

Disoriented, disoriented. I am disoriented. After what he told me, I don't know what to think. I don't know if he is sincere with me or not.

Stunned, stunned. I am stunned, I did not expect this reaction from you. I am shocked.

Let's move on to the last category of adjectives, the adjectives that will be useful to express your fear, your stress.

Terrorized, terrorized. I am terrified every time I see a big dog. I am really not comfortable with this animal.

Scared, scared. I am really scared of Halloween. I don't like horror movies and all the scary decorations at all.

Anxious, anxious. I am very anxious about taking my driver's test this afternoon. I am very afraid of failing.

Anxious, anxious. I am very anxious. I don't handle everyday stress very well, I'm stressed all the time.

Nervous, nervous. I have a date with a boy tonight. I am very nervous about meeting him. I feel stressed.

Panicked, panicked. I was very panicked when you left to live in Italy, I thought you were going to forget me.

Intimidated, intimidated. I was very intimidated when I met Lady Gaga, I didn't even dare to talk to her.

Worried, worried. I am very worried. I haven't heard from my best friend in five days. He doesn't answer my messages anymore.

Terrified, terrified. I'm really terrified of jumping into the void. I would never bungee jump.

Suspicious, wary. My ex has cheated on me many times. Since then, I am very suspicious of men.

That's it for today. I hope you learned some new words or were able to review words you already knew to express your feelings and emotions.

If you liked the video, think about putting a like or comment with other adjectives you know to express your emotions. I'll see you soon for a new video. Bye for now.

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