"Chialer" - Definition, pronunciation in French

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"Chialer" - Definition, pronunciation in French

📖 Definition of the word "blubber"

We use the word "cry" like the word "cry". They mean the same thing. We will say "I cry, you cry, he cries, we cry, you cry, they cry". It is usually used to make fun of someone who complains a lot. This word does not have the same meaning as "cry", it is more pejorative. It is used when you are annoyed, irritated or want to be sarcastic with someone.

🖼 Illustration of "crying" in pictures

This woman says she cries all the time
Stop crying!

🗣 Pronunciation in French

🥳 Use in a close, familiar environment

"Yes it's ok, we get that you're sad, stop crying"

"Will you stop crying for two minutes?"

"No but look at how they've been crying all morning..."

👩🏼‍💻 Use in a professional, formal environment

It is a word to be taken as an insult, to be said when you are quite annoyed with someone. You should not use it with your boss.

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