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Welcome to HelloFrench. I'm Elisabeth. I share free content on Youtube every week to help you learn French. What sets it apart from traditional courses? In addition to the basics and grammar, I teach you the "real" French spoken by native speakers in daily life.

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Avoir la patate.

French expression that means: "To be in shape, to have energy".

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Illustration of the expression it is ouf

"Ouf, c'est ouf" - Definition, French pronunciation

📖 Definition of the phrase "Ouf / C'est ouf" The phrase "C'est ouf'" means that something is crazy, surprising, almost unbelievable. It is the word "crazy" in verlant, backwards. When we say that someone is "ouf", it means that he is incredible,

To have the seum in French

"Avoir le seum" - Meaning, French pronunciation

📖 French definition of the expression "Avoir le seum" The expression "Avoir le seum" means to be resentful, sad, angry. This expression is slang, it should not be used in administrative, professional contexts. 🖼 Illustration of

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