Lesson 1: Evening conversation

Level 1 - Evening meeting.

Test your understanding of French 🇫🇷

Dialogue 1 - Nicolas and Zoë have just met at their friend Jonathan's birthday party. They get to know each other.


The 👍 of dialogue?

- You are working on the present tense.
- You learn vocabulary to talk about yourself.


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Having trouble finding the right answers? Don't panic, listen to the dialogue again by reading the text below.

It's normal not to be able to do it the first time, but with practice you will progress, for sure 💪🏼

▶︎ Text of the dialogue:

Zoe: Hi, my name is Zoe.

Nicolas: My name is Nicolas but everyone calls me Cols. Nice to meet you.

Zoe: Nice to meet you. It's funny, where does this nickname come from?

Nicolas: From my dad. He used to call me that when I was little. Since then, everyone calls me that.

Zoe: And have you known Jonathan for long?

Nicolas: We've known each other for... 20 years.

Zoe: Oh yes, it has been a long time. You turned 30 this year too, so I guess.

Nicolas: Yeah, in February. But you're a little younger, right?

Zoe: Yes, I am 26 years old.

Nicolas: Oh yeah, okay. And you, how do you know Jonathan? You're a colleague from work I think, right?

Zoe: No, you're confusing it with the other Zoé. Jonathan and I have been doing theater together for three years.

Nicolas: Oh yes, yes, excuse me, excuse me. And what do you do for work?

Zoe: I am a math teacher in a school in Nice. I am originally from Brittany, but I came to live in the South to join my partner. And you, what is your job ?

Nicolas: I am an engineer. So for the moment, I'm working on a construction site in Marseille. In fact, I moved there last year and I have to stay there for another two years.

Zoe: Do you like the city?

Nicolas: Yeah, I like it a lot. It's a little over 2 hours from Nice by car. I miss my family and friends a little bit... but hey.

Zoe: You (didn't) make any friends in Marseille ?

Nicolas: Frankly, I'm not very sociable so it's quite difficult. I'm a very shy person.

Zoe: Really? You don't look like it!

Nicolas: I did meet a couple of people at the gym though. I also started taking cooking classes. It helped, but still...

Zoe: Great! I love to bake too I bake cakes and cookies almost every weekend.

Nicolas: Mmm. Well, not bad ! Well, I'm the cookies. Frankly, cookies are my specialty. And if not, do you have children?

Zoe: Yes, I have a six month old baby. A little girl.

Nicolas: Ah too good. What is her name?

Zoe: Her name is Sofia.

Nicolas: It's a beautiful name. Congratulations on your name.

Zoe: Thank you. Don't you have children?

Nicolas: No, no, no, frankly, not yet. I haven't found the right one yet.

Zoe: Summer is coming soon. It's a little easier to meet people.

Nicolas: Yes, it's true, it's true. Otherwise let's change the subject! Do you have time to watch series? I'm looking for ideas right now.

Zoe: I just finished "Ten Percent" on Netflix. Everyone had seen that series except me I feel like. I don't know if this will really give you any ideas of new series to watch. I don't watch much television. I prefer reading.

Nicolas: Yes, I too prefer reading. I read every day, especially on the bus when I go to work. So what are you reading at the moment?

Zoe: I'm reading a book called "Children are Kings".

Nicolas: I've heard of it, I think. It's about social networking, right?

Zoe: Yes, that's right.

Nicolas: I'm reading a mystery novel right now.

Zoe: I love mystery novels, but I don't know why... I never think to read them.

Nicolas: Excuse me, I'll be right back. I'm a little tired.

Zoe: No worries, it was nice to meet you anyway.

Nicolas: Same, see you soon I hope.

Zoe: See you soon.

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