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Transcript of the video

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well.

Today, I'm back for a French video that is a little bit special. We will see together an expression which can be very often used when you don't know French well.

But not to be used when addressing a girl or when talking about a girl or a woman.

This is an expression I have seen sometimes in the comments.

They were very nice comments to congratulate me, to compliment me.

We can see the expression "you are very good".

The problem with the expression tu es bonne or vous êtes bonne is that it is not the equivalent, it is not the same as when we say in English You're good or You're so good.

You might think that you can use it to compliment someone or to congratulate someone. Because literally, when we say you are good, it should mean you are good, you are strong or you are good if you are very nice.

The problem is that in colloquial language, in popular language, t'es bonne, tu es bonne means something else.

You can say it means something like you're sexy, you have a nice body, but in really bad language.

So, that's a pretty crude, pretty vulgar compliment.

So it can be really bad for a woman, or if you're saying it to talk about a girl.

To make sure you don't offend or hurt the person, it's better to use other vocabulary words, like I said, you're good, you're strong, or to specify what this person is good at or in what area.

For example, you can say you are good at singing, you are good at French, you are good at sports, you are good at acting, you are good at cooking, but it is better to specify the field.

You will save yourself a lot of trouble or embarrassing situations.

Let's say, for example, that you think that the little sister of one of your French friends sings very well.

Don't tell your friend wow! your little sister is good. Instead, say your sister is really good at singing or your sister sings very well.

But don't tell anyone your sister is good.

Of course, if you use it and people know you're a foreigner, they're obviously going to understand what you mean and they're not going to get angry, they're not going to get offended.

But now that you know this, avoid telling a woman you're good.

I hope you enjoyed this video, that you were able to learn something. If you did, don't forget to put a like.

And if you're new, consider subscribing and activate the bell to receive all my videos.

See you soon.

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