Mon carnet de français : 90 days to progress simply

Paper edition - Mon carnet de français : 90 days to progress simply in French


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"My French notebook is a book that allows you to to progress simply in French through your daily life. Between a learning notebook and a bullet journal, you work on your French 10-15 minutes a day for 90 days 🇫🇷🎓.

Printed and designed in France with love ♥️

On the program, 160 pages including :

✏️ 90 pages ofwriting exercises, vocabulary exercisesof pronunciationof reading about French cultureof oral comprehension

🌟 90 French expressions. Every day you learn a new expression useful in everyday life.

🤓 40 pages of vocabulary cards, tips for avoiding common mistakes, French cooking recipes, conjugation tables of useful verbs...

🎧 17 audio files to listen to to work on comprehension and pronunciation.

💪 You can track your work with a monthly habit tracker. You can also see your progress by setting short and long term goals.

Here are some examples of exercises from the notebook:
- Open your fridge and write down everything you see in French.
- Tell us about your favorite movie in French.
- Complete a crossword puzzle to work on your knowledge of synonyms.
- Read aloud a text on the "ritual of snacking in France".
- Listen to a dialogue about TV programs and note the key points of the conversation.
- Repeat difficult words to improve your pronunciation


I deliver these notebooks from France to anywhere in the world. The delivery time may vary depending on the distance.

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 4 cm
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